The Democrats’ Feeding Frenzy Proves They Fear Jeff Sessions

ELDER PATRIOT – Democrats have become comfortable alleging the most outrageous claims against Republicans and having their propaganda arm, aka the mainstream media make it stick.  Thanks to the growing alternative truth media the only people still being fooled by the Democrats’ bullsh*t are new world order sycophants and low information voters.

Their latest attack was leveled on perhaps the most decent human being to pass through the Senate in the last four decades, Jeff Sessions.

When Trump chose Sessions to be his Attorney General every Democrat except Joe Manchin of West Virginia voted against him.  This stood as solid proof that Democrats feared his honesty, his desire to drain the swamp, and his knowledge of who the Senators are that have been selling out Americans for their personal enrichment.

After pouring over hours of video from Sessions’ confirmation hearings the best angle of attack that they could muster was that Session’s met with the Russian ambassador and that is proof an investigation must be conducted into their totally baseless “Russia hacked our election” narrative.

If Sessions hadn’t met with the Russian ambassador after the diplomat asked for a face-to-face he would’ve been derelict in his duties as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

That didn’t stop leading Democratic Senators from calling for an investigation into Sessions “troubling relationship” with Russia including Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) who also sits on the Armed Services Committee.  McCaskill immediately tweeted out this condemnation of Sessions: 

If this is indeed the case her constituents should be asking her just what she is doing with her time other than attacking her political opponents, working against the interests of America’s middle class, and fueling the discontent among her Black constituents like those in Ferguson.

McCaskill should’ve kept her mouth shut, but I guess she’s become so reliant on the mainstream media to protect Democrats’ lies that she threw caution to the wind.  Too bad, because review of McCaskill’s twitter history turns up these other two beauties:

McCaskill was even photographed during one of those meetings:

If it’s possible to troll yourself McCaskill just did.

If Jeff Sessions was such a threat to national security how in the world did Democrats allow him to serve as head of such an important committee and to handle such sensitive information without these senators doing anything to remove him before he was appointed to a position where he would be able to expose their illegal behavior?

These are the actions of a corrupt cabal desperate to destroy the few honest men and women left in Washington before they, themselves are brought to justice by President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.