Democrats Declare Victory in PA Special Election But Then This Happened…

Elder Patriot – Following Democrat Conor Lamb’s victory in Pennsylvania 18’s special election pundits were quick to declare a coming blue wave in the coming November midterms.

After all, Democrat Lamb just won a county that had voted for Donald Trump by a 20-point margin.  It was a great opportunity for the mainstream media to rebuild the left-right paradigm that has been used by the global elites to keep us divided and they pounced on it.

A real, unbiased real analysis tells a different story and RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany pointed that out.

“He’s pro-gun. He says he’s personally pro-life. He says he’s pro-coal, he’s pro-tariff. He says he’s anti-Nancy Pelosi.

“Imagine that, a Democratic candidate who’s against Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader.  He has made himself into essentially a Republican. So you have a Republican in name and a Republican in truth running against one another.”

Lamb is a charismatic, young, JFK type.  Saccone isn’t any of that.  Saccone is a backroom, low-key type who never won any previous election by a significant margin.

Given the candidates’ similar positions on key issues, voters opted for the younger and more energetic former marine but even then by only 627 votes out of more than 227,000 ballots cast.

Saccone is calling foul and announced his intention to challenge the results but the only foul is on Paul Ryan and the Pennsylvania Republicans for running such a candidate who lacked appeal.  Ryan didn’t even visit the district to rally support for Saccone.

It’s hard to see how President Trump lost here.  His rally last weekend helped close a 10-point gap between Lamb and Saccone to 0.2%. 

More importantly, unless Lamb totally misrepresented how he will vote, Trump finally has a Democrat who will vote with him on issues of importance to American gun-owners, pro-lifers, and in defense of our manufacturing base.

And, let’s not forget his open opposition Nancy Pelosi.

Keep in mind that Donald Trump ran for the presidency to fix America’s problems not to perpetuate the left-right paradigm.

Trump was forced to fight the Republican establishment every step of the way, both before and after his election.  Now a Democrat won by a hair promising to support Trump’s agenda. 

I’m not a Pollyanna and I do not expect Lamb to keep his promises.  But, if he doesn’t keep those promises that blue wave is likely to sweep the Dems further out of power because their credibility will be shot.

On the other hand, if he does vote to support Trump’s policy initiatives the president will have found a better ally than many members of his own party have been.

Democrats have spent almost two years running against everything Donald Trump says and does only to learn that they can only win by saying and doing everything that Donald Trump does.