Democrats Bring “Steal the Vote” Operation to Arizona

During the hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, that Democrats turned into a shit show of lies and unfounded accusations, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham grew so disgusted with what he’d witnessed that he was moved to say:

“Boy, y’all want power.  I hope you never get it.”

This wasn’t about Judge Kavanaugh, per se.  It was about saving the ideological disposition of the Supreme Court which is where Democrats have made most of the liberal gains over the years.  

The fact is Democrats cannot win elections in most states without concealing their true positions.  And, they cannot win re-election after using the legislative process to pass their redefinition of social norms and economy-stifling taxes and regulations.

That is why they are waging war on the elections in Florida and Arizona where the election of Republican senators was legitimately decided on election night.  

As Arizona entered the later stages of vote counting on election night Republican Martha McSally had a 17,000 vote lead over Democrat Kyrsten Sinema with the vote tallies in Maricopa and Pima counties remaining.

Maricopa County is by far Arizona’s largest county with a population of 4.3 million people.  Pima County is next largest in population with slightly over 1 million residents.

Maricopa County is also largely Republican:

There is no mathematical path for a radical leftist to win the vote in Maricopa especially when running against a decorated fighter pilot – America’s first female fighter pilot!

With 60% of Arizona’s population residing in Maricopa County, and Republicans holding a 9% advantage among party-affiliated voters something is amiss.

Republican Party chairman Jonathon Lines released a statement accusing Democrat Adrian Fontes of “deliberate, premeditated destruction of evidence.”

“Adrian Fontes intentionally put himself above the law and the judicial process.  Such a man cannot be trusted to administer elections in Arizona.”

With liberal Supreme Court icon Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg beginning to fail due to old age, it is becoming increasingly likely that President Trump could get to fill a third Supreme Court seat.  

With the potential for uber conservative and devout pro-life judge Amy Coney Barrett as the president’s nominee these seats are critical to her confirmation, and an ideological shift in the court for a generation or more.

Republicans must hold the fort in both of these races.  A one-for-one trade off would be an abrogation of their duties.  Already it’s likely that Jon Tester stole the senate seat from Matt Rosendale in Montana.  

It’s likely that New Hampshire Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan won her election in 2016 through voter fraud.

It’s time for President Trump to reboot the Voter Integrity Commission that so many Democrats resisted.  Only then will we know why Democrats are so adamant about lax voting laws..