Democrats Attempt to Shame President Trump: Invite Illegal Immigrants Who Worked for Him to State of the Union – Why It Should Backfire Among Thinking P

Elder Patriot – Democrats will be attempting to shame President Trump by confronting him with two immigrants who came to our country illegally and were under his employ.

Aside from the surface reaction that Trump is a hypocrite from having benefited from their work, there is much more to the story.

Those who stop to think about it would have to concede that Trump likely knew nothing of their backgrounds even if he came in daily contact with them.  It has been estimated that Trump, his subsidiaries, and his partners employ more than 22,450 people.

But, let’s suppose that he did know the backgrounds of these two people, and even every other illegal alien who worked either directly, or indirectly, for him.

He didn’t force them to work for him.  

What does that say about the man?  That he provided jobs for people during a time of personal crisis when others wouldn’t.

The real story that the propaganda media will avoid at all costs is why are Democrats insistent on placing the needs of Central and South Americans above the needs of their constituents?

Compassion, as Democrats define it, is creating government dependents and using other people’s money to fund it.  That’s not compassion, that’s slavery.

Whether Trump is for or against illegal immigration, he recognizes that they are human beings and should be treated as such.  

Keep in mind that despite the denials of the Fake News media, President Trump has offered relief to 1.8 million DACA recipients in exchange for impenetrable border defenses.

Democrats can’t say that.  Given the opportunity they turned their back on the immigrants they claim to represent.

Eliminate the source of the problem and address those who are here in a compassionate manner.  Only Democrats could convolute the logic in that policy. Even then, they couldn’t sway Americans to turning on themselves with the incessant, 24/7 Marxist propaganda from the so-called mainstream media.