Democrat Presidential Candidate Cory Booker Ignores U.S. Immigration Law – Enters Mexico to Escort Five Illegal Aliens Across Border

Elder Patriot – We’ve come to the point where we no longer consider the Democratic Party a pro-U.S. party.  

At one time they were considered the “mommy” party and the Republican Party was referred to as the “daddy” party.  That is no longer the case. Democrats have become the “spoiled brat” party.

Their constituents are demanding world and Democrats are promising to force you to pay for it. 

Despite the $22 Trillion debt, Democrats are promising everything from free healthcare, to free college, to a guaranteed living wage for not working, to free healthcare for illegal aliens, to… you get the idea.

Not only don’t the laws governing a sound economy apply to Democrats, the laws governing their behavior as U.S. citizens don’t either.

On Wednesday, Democrat candidate for Panderer-in-Chief, Cory Booker took the law into his own hands when he escorted 5 migrants, seeking to cross the border illegally, into the U.S. with the intention of thwarting official U.S. immigration enforcement policies.

Here’s Booker pandering to illegal aliens during the first Democratic debate:

Now here’s Booker’s press secretary Sabrina Singh on Twitter bragging about smuggling illegal aliens across the Southern Border: 

Booker excused his lawlessness by telling reporters that he believed their asylum claims were legitimate based on their fears of sexual violence, and the violence they had already experienced.  

The fact is, Booker isn’t authorized to make that judgement.  Only courts have been granted that authority.

Booker’s actions are consistent with how Democrats view our laws.  When they don’t like existing laws they ignore them. Like John Kerry’s clear violation of the Logan Act when he continued negotiating with Iran, to thwart President Trump’s policy change, after he had been voted out of office.

In essence, voters told Kerry to take a hike and he refused to.

Compare that to how Democrats directed the full weight of our intelligence community and Justice Department against Lt. General Michael Flynn, who had been voted into office and was simply establishing relations with a foreign diplomat.

When ignoring law isn’t applicable, Democrats find one of the traitorous judges they’ve seeded in our courts to slap an injunction against the enforcement of those laws.

Booker’s actions disqualify him for the office of the presidency.  Presidents don’t get to make up law as they go along, or choose which laws to break when they don’t like them.

America is indeed a great country – something today’s Democratic Party refuses to acknowledge – but all things are not possible.  

Economic restraint is required for leadership but neither Cory Booker, nor other prominent members of his party, are willing to acknowledge that, either.   

The question for Cory Booker isn’t whether he’s a compassionate politician – his treatment of Brett Kavanaugh ended any speculation about that – it’s whether he represents foreign migrants or the Americans who are competing with them for scarce resources.