ELDER PATRIOT – The Wikileaks’ DNC and DCCC email leaks continue dealing a deathblow to the Democrat party.  Only this time it’s not from Donald Trump or the Republican Party. 

Jared Beck of Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers has brought a class-action lawsuit against the DNC on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ supporters who the suit alleges were the victims of “the ultimate Ponzi scheme.”

In Wilding v. DNC Services Corp Beck contends that Sanders’ donors had an expectation of impartiality when they donated to his campaign and that the hacked emails proved that the DNC had conspired to rig the nominating to guarantee Hillary Clinton’s victory.

The foundation for the lawsuit, according to Beck, is the common law principles of misrepresentations and fraud:

“If there is anything ‘new,’ it is the application of these principles to the sphere of political campaigns.  One might view this application as a natural consequence of Citizens United — an opinion that crystallizes campaign contributions as the quintessential form of American political participation.

“By equating political participation with financial contribution, Citizens United, by inference, incorporates all of the common-law principles of fraud, negligent misrepresentation, etc. that typically govern in the economic sphere. Americans have a cognizable interest in the transparent and fair conduct of primary campaigns precisely because they, through their campaign contributions, are also financiers of the campaign.”

Beck noted this is typical of the manner in which the Clinton’s operated their other “businesses:”

“I would think of this as a case against the ultimate political Ponzi scheme.

“We are used to the concept of Ponzi schemes in the investment world. In my view, the DNC is really no different: it was purporting to be ‘selling’ a fair primary process but in reality was serving as a front for the Hillary Clinton campaign. People lost well over $200 million as a result.”

The case is currently waiting a judge’s ruling on summary judgment a process whereby arguments are presented to the presiding judge to help the judge determine whether the case has sufficient merit to proceed to trial.

Hopefully the judge will weight the importance of a phone call Beck received from a line connected to former DNC head and co-conspirator Debbie Wasserman Schultz that used voice-altering software to inquiring about the case.