Dem Emails: Why is it That Hillary Clinton Just Can’t Tell the Truth?

ELDER PATRIOT – “WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton’s campaign computers have been hacked, said sources who added Friday that the Russian government is likely responsible for yet another attack on Democrats.  That’s the opening line of Daniel Halper’s fairytale that is running in the usually reliable New York Post today.

As of now there is absolutely no proof that the Russians had anything to do with this yet every mainstream media outlet is reporting this as though it’s been proven true.  The parallel response by Mrs. Clinton in the aftermath of the Benghazi massacre where she blamed the attack on an Internet video, even though she knew it was terrorism, cannot be ignored.

The Democrats’ problem with email security is growing and the mainstream media has been doing its best to deflect the focus from incompetence on the part of Democrats to a different bogeyman. 

Employing a false narrative to advance an agenda advantageous to her politically is becoming a common ruse for Mrs. Clinton.  When she couldn’t figure out a way to blame an Internet video for the consistent cyber attacks on her and her minions’ computers, she turned to the most irresponsible decision she could think of and blamed the Russians.  And it shows her desperation.

She settled on blaming the Russians for two reasons.  First, it was retribution for the total disrespect Putin has shown Mrs. Clinton in the period since she childishly brought a reset button with her when she met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.


This is how Hillary Clinton conducts serious foreign policy.  What would the reaction of the mainstream media be if Donald Trump acted pulled a similar stunt?

Then there’s the respect Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed for her opponent Donald Trump.

For Mrs. Clinton blaming the Russians presents an opportunity to once again paint herself as the victim, and Donald Trump as the naïve outsider venturing into areas of foreign policy that he is ill equipped to handle.  Her problem is it’s a long shot play at best. 

First she is counting on her accusation being true which has so far has been impossible to prove.  She employed this strategy, for reasons only known to her, after the attacks in Benghazi at our embassy and CIA outpost and it has damaged her politically.  She is counting on a different outcome here.

It may be she that overreached on the leftist tendency to “never let a serious crisis go to waste,” but, if she does become president, whether her story is true or not she has further weakened her position with both Putin and Russia. 

Would Mrs. Clinton have you believe that we aren’t attempting to hack into Russia’s most sensitive computer files right now?  If we’re not actively trying to hack into every area of Russian intelligence the more important question would be why not?

Mrs. Clinton cannot have it both ways.  She purposely used an unsecure email server to handle her most highly classified communications while Secretary of State.  Did she not know, at that time, that the Russian government (among any number of other hostile foreign governments and entities) employs sophisticated hacking programs aimed at every government employees and every level of the United States government?

To believe her explanation you would have to countenance a level of naïveté on Mrs. Clinton’s part that disqualifies her for the presidency.