Defenders of the Second Amendment Fight Back: Delta’s Virtue Signaling Comes With a $50MM Price Tag

Elder Patriot – In the wake of the Parkland massacre, Progressives have been aggressively shaming companies into cutting ties to the defenders of our Constitutional guarantees. 

But, beyond that, Progressives inability to engage in substantive debate past the sound bites they have proffered has exposed the shallowness of their positions.

They sent a seventeen-year old out to be the face of their movement and now they are getting a dose of how the adults handle the one-dimensional messaging he was given and the sent to deliver.

David Hogg has been portrayed as a lion that refuses to back down.  In actuality, his only relevance to this debate is that he was there during Nikolas Cruz’s shooting rampage.

When confronted by reasonable arguments today, he is as unarmed as he was while the bloodbath was unfolding.

Hogg, with little more than a trip to Disney and the indoctrination of his Marxist teachers to inform his worldview, was sent to debate the foundational tenets underpinning our Bill of Rights that were written by adults of significant gravitas and experience. 

Hogg’s handlers had him calling for boycotts of companies that offer group discounts to NRA members.  And, a number of virtue signaling corporations took the bait, including Delta Airlines.

Delta’s management believed there would be little cost to the company.  After all, everyone belongs to multiple groups privy to the same discount plans.  In a display of the same shallow thinking that girded Hogg’s boycott decree, Delta executives convinced themselves there would be little price to pay.

They were wrong.

The adults that control the Georgia legislature were having none of Delta’s unfortunate unwillingness to stand in defense of the Second Amendment.  And, they held a sizeable hammer with which to bitch slap Delta for their attempt to capitalize on political opportunism and to let a practiced but emotional seventeen-year old drive such an important debate.

That hammer?  Delta’s main hub is located in Atlanta, Georgia.  And, the incentives they had been given by the state’s taxpayers to locate there had been considerable.  That included a $50 million jet fuel tax exemption that was up for reinstatement.

The bill that nixed the restoration of Delta’s monstrous tax exemption passed both legislative houses by veto-proof majorities.  It cleared the state House by an overwhelming 135-24 vote, after being approved in the state Senate on a 44-10 vote.

If this is the way corporate America wants to play it that’s their choice.  But, with Republicans controlling the state houses and governorships of more that 60% of the states, it may get quite costly.