Deep State Message to Trump – After Roger Stone You’re Next

ELDER PATRIOT – Operatives from within the Deep State are sending President Trump a message by targeting his longtime friend and the early architect of his presidential campaign for assassination.

Roger Stone has a long history in presidential politics from the time Richard Nixon was president but the mainstream media had always been successful at marginalizing him as a fanatic fringe player.  That was until he helped Donald Trump become the 45th president of the United States.

Stone’s long associations with many key Washington insiders has allowed him to establish many trusted sources within the government.  While these patriots fear what might happen to them as whistleblowers they respect Stone’s willingness to expose corruption when he learns of it and therefore these insiders use him as a “safe” conduit to get their evidence to the public.

Because of his knowledge Stone’s importance to Trump’s successful campaign was of great importance and was chronicled in his recently released book “The Making of the President 2016.”

With Stone’s longtime friendship and advisement of President Trump widely known, recent attempts on Stone’s life are troubling.

In January Stone was the victim of Plutonium poisoning before he could testify in front of Congress about Russian hacking.  It’s widely known that Plutonium poisoning is a favorite way that Russia eliminates its “enemies.” 

Was this another deliberate “fingerprint” left by Deep State operatives to make it appear that Russia had something to hide?  That seems highly unlikely in light of the preponderance of U.S. intelligence agencies’ surveillance of every Russian operative and computer.  Whatever Stone might’ve said could’ve easily been dismissed to protect the Deep State.  Unless, of course, he knew something that the Deep State wanted kept secret from Congressional investigators.

This Wednesday a second attempt on Stone’s life took place.  While on his way to Orlando to promote his new book on his role in the Presidential election the car he was riding in was “T-boned” by a large four-door sedan travelling at a high rate of speed.  The vehicle then backed up and drove off.

Stone was sitting in the front passenger seat, the precise point of impact.  While Stone was injured in the crash he refused to miss the previously scheduled appearance on the Alex Jones Show.

Stone appearing via satellite almost immediately after the attempt on his life told Jones, “They have poisoned me, they have smeared me, and someone in a car tried to kill me.  I am a consistent critic of the ‘deep state’— that’s why I think I’m targeted.”

This is as much a warning to President Trump as it was an attempt on Stone’s life.  The president has only one defense.  It’s time for him to finally start the wholesale firing of his enemies within the government.  The American people elected him to “Drain the Swamp” not to stand by while the swamp monsters, funded by our tax dollars, undermine his ability to do the peoples’ work.