The Deep State Claims its First Scalp

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump demanded the resignation of his National Security Advisor late last night.  Michael Flynn remains the most qualified individual for the job but his removal became necessary when he “mis-remembered” the details of a phone conversation, that he had with the Russian ambassador prior to Trump taking office, while briefing Vice President Mike Pence as Pence was preparing to appear on the Sunday morning news shows.

Flynn claimed that the issue of lifting economic sanctions on Russia never came up setting Pence up to lie to his interviewers.  Flynn could’ve admitted the conversation from the get go and suffered nothing more than some unfounded criticism. 

After all, what do you think is at the core of these preliminary discussions, an exchange of opinions on whether House of Cards reflects the realities of government?”  The Russians had been provoked when Barack Obama expelled dozens of their diplomats along with placing economic sanctions on them after accusing them of hacking our elections. 

It would not be unthinkable, under these circumstances as the Russians weighed their possible response, for Flynn to ask the ambassador to see wait to see what changes might come when Donald Trump takes office, especially if the ambassador first asked Flynn whether Trump was sincere about working towards improved relations between our two countries.

Flynn’s only transgression was lying to the vice president before the vice president went forth to talk to the media.  For this, Trump seeking to keep his promise of a truly transparent administration demanded his resignation.

Flynn is not only the victim of his own stupidity but of the moles inside the White House and/or the intelligence community that have made his relatively minor misdeed into a public lynching.

As Breitbart’s Joel Pollack points out, “The fact that the contents of Flynn’s phone conversation — highly sensitive intelligence — were leaked to the media suggests that someone with access to that information also has a political axe to grind.”

Rabid Democrats have been desperately trying to tie Trump to Russia. It is no secret that Republican leadership would like to see Trump neutered or gone, as well.  The neocons of both parties know that the longer Trump has to reshape foreign policy the more that he’ll expose their malfeasance and dereliction in protecting and advancing America’s vital economic and security interests.

This raises the more serious question as to whether our nation’s intelligence services have been and continue to be involved in what amounts to political espionage against the Trump administration.

There are thousands of federal bureaucrats already using shadow communications systems.  They comprise the Deep State that too often exercises more influence over government policy than any but the most determined elected leaders. 

President Trump must get to the bottom of these leaks before his presidency is permanently sabotaged.    

Is Reince Priebus more loyal to Paul Ryan, who is blocking Trump’s initiatives to the extent that he can, than he is to the president he works for?

Did Obama, before vacating the White House to form his shadow government in opposition to Trump, have the White House wired by those loyal to him?

Whatever the explanation and however the mainstream media reports it the problem was not and is not Flynn.  It is an out of control political operation by one or more of Trump’s political enemies that are determined to undermine our popularly elected president.

This is to be expected when you promise to drain the swamp that both parties swim in.