The Decision Not to Prosecute FBI Deputy Assistant Director (Peter Strzok?) Signals A.G. Barr Is Focused on BIGGER Targets

Elder Patriot -| Many Trump supporters and constitutionalists were dismayed by Wednesday’s announcement from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) that a decision was made not to prosecute an unnamed FBI Deputy Assistant Director (DAD).

Their worries are founded in the long standing history of the D.C. swamp where nobody ever seems to be held accountable.

The criminal offenses the DAD was charged with were significant and carry with them the potential for significant jail time:

  • Leaking sealed federal documents to the media.
  • Leaking sensitive FBI information to reporters on multiple occasions.
  • Dozens of other “official contacts with the media without authorization.”

Still, there’s reason to think differently this time.

Consider who the likely offender is.  Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) believes he has and sent a letter to IG Michael Horowitz asking whether the DAD was Peter Strzok.

If it is the FBI’s former Chief of Counterintelligence Section then this may indicate that Attorney General William Barr has already decided that there are bigger fish to fry…much BIGGER fish.

Two days after the declination was announced, the attorney general sat down with CBS’ Jan Crawford for an extensive interview.  Barr is known for choosing his words carefully (the interview will confirm that), made some comments that should have the Obama White House worried if not outright panicking.

Barr is known for choosing his words carefully (the interview will confirm that):

Barr: Well, I- as a lawyer I always interpret the word treason not colloquially but legally. And you know the very specific criteria for treason- so I don’t think it’s actually implicated in the situation that we have now.”

That’s why other comments he made should have the Obama White House worried, if not outright panicking:

Barr: “… I think the activities were undertaken by a small group at the top which is one of the- probably one of the mistakes that has been made instead of running this as a normal bureau investigation or counterintelligence investigation. It was done by the executives at the senior level

Couple those comments with earlier comments from the well=measured attorney general:

Barr: …spying on a political campaign is a big deal… I’m not talking about the FBI necessarily but intelligence agencies more broadly.”

Senior level officers like former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John “I got bad information” Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper,  National Security Advisor Susan “Stand Down” Rice, etc.

Those are senior level officials.

Crawford had restricted her questions to the FBI and Barr answered accordingly.  It appears Crawford might have been engaging in a bit of damage control in light of the fact that Barr has already expressed his concerns about the broader intelligence community’s involvement.

It’s apparent from the recent elbowing for position by Comey, Brennan, and Clapper, that they heard Barr loud and clear.

Rest assured that others, who have maintained much lower profiles since leaving office, have become rattled by Barr’s commitment, as well.

Let’s turn our attention back to the DAD, likely Peter Strzok.  If there is one person positioned at the epicenter of the entire Spygate conspiracy, one person likely to know where all the bodies are hidden, it’s Strzok.

All the way to the White House…

Strzok has already fingered former President Obama as the lead figure in the criminal conspiracy:

Strzok seems to have all the names and their levels of involvement:

And, he knew the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller was made without any predicate.

He also knows the players from the special counsel’s investigative group because he had worked with them at the DOJ/FBI during Operation Crossfire Hurricane.  They were essentially running an investigation to block any inquiry of their own corrupt involvement.

Strzok can attest to that.

Now consider the way the classic takedown of a criminal enterprise works.  For that we turn to the Gambino crime family and the prosecution of godfather John Gotti.

Sammy “the Bull” Gravano, a member of the Gambino crime family, confessed to committing 19 murders, and was spared a life sentence in exchange for delivering Gotti on a silver platter.

Gotti, on the other hand, died in prison.

Gravano might’ve been an underling but he knew where the bodies were hidden, and prosecutors recognized his value in “working” with him.  Gotti’s hitman used that to negotiate a soft(er) sentence for himself.

In the quest to bring down the really BIG fish, deals are often cut with those willing to testify against their bosses.

The decision not to prosecute a dirty DAD may very well be good news.  Keep the faith. We’ve come too far to surrender hope now.