DACA: Another Mess Created By Obama

Elder Patriot – Former Attorney General Eric Holder is urging President Trump not to terminate his predecessor’s amnesty for illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.

Holder contends that Trump has a moral duty to uphold Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) because “Moral & logical promises were made to Dreamers” and therefore, “They must be kept.”

In doing this Holder absolves President Obama of creating a crisis where there had been none.  Americans – those who Obama swore to protect – have been displaced from schools and jobs while entitlement costs that will become the debt of their children have skyrocketed.

For the 850,000 estimated “Dreamers” they find themselves in the difficult position of not knowing where they might end up.  But, there’s another side to this humanitarian crisis that was created by Obama’s action and that President Trump must deal with.

Those are the 6,981,000 unemployed Americans ten percent of those that have been displaced by 700,000 DACA entitled workers.

Obama created humanitarian crisis everywhere from Libya to Syria to perhaps South Korea and Japan. 

And, he created a humanitarian crisis for Americans when he ignored their needs in favor of foreign imports.

Trump will deal with it like he deals with everything else – with compassion and a steel resolve – but the blowback from one side or the other will be enormous.  That is always the case for the man who refuses to pass problems on to his successors.

Here’s hoping he keeps his campaign promise and puts the needs of American workers ahead of everyone else.