D.C. Panic: NY Times Hit Piece Reveals Criminal Cabal at DOJ and FBI “Are Turning On Each Other Like Rats”

Elder Patriot – Yesterday we spent some time trying to decipher the reason the New York Times threw Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein under the bus on Friday when they attributed a plan to remove President Trump from office to the him:

WASHINGTON — The deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, and he discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.

They were hoping that triggered Rosenstein’s firing by Trump, an act they would be able to paint as irrational and impulsive.  The attempt by the Times failed largely because the president and the DAG had already agreed to move the investigation forward together.

As we noted the timing of President Trump’s declassification in relation to the Times story was not coincidental:

You can be sure that the story, accurate or not, was meant to advance a narrative, most likely to block discovery of Obama and Clinton wrongdoing until after the midterms.  We say that because the Times prints nothing that doesn’t serve their agenda.

That agenda has been protecting the corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and his wholly unholy administration.

What if the Times story was published as a reminder to the conspiratorial forces that remain deeply seated within the CIA-DOJ-FBI criminal construct, that the scorched earth outcome (threatened by both Andrew McCabe and Hillary Clinton when the prospect that the criminal conspiracy to destroy Trump first surfaced) threatens not only their employment but their freedom?

Keep in mind that among members of the intelligence community and those who review their work product, very little is secret.  The management of that information is what becomes important. Hence, the overriding importance of controlling the editorial content at the Times and the Washington Post.

It now appears that the Times article is likely a sign that Rosenstein’s decision to work with the president has shattered the criminal cabal into and that, as investigative reporter Lee Smith told Laura Ingraham, “they’re turning on each other like rats” in an effort to limit the damage to their personal interests. (cue to 4:27)

Side note: Lee Smith has been doing some incredible work on this.

So what triggered the Times hit piece on Rosenstein at this particular moment?  

Declassification, as President Trump originally ordered it doesn’t only threaten the entire construct that was assembled to prevent discovery of Obama administration wrongdoing by helping to elect co-conspirator, Hillary Clinton, it threatens to call into question literally thousands of similar – though less consequential – cases of investigative and prosecutorial wrongdoing.

Reopening these cases would be devastating to both the DOJ and FBI.

This would also shatter the public’s faith in government entirely.  Trump understands this and he also realizes that when the dust clears he will need a functioning government that includes restoring the public’s faith in the agencies that are about to be implicated.  This was the reason he wrestled with the decision of what to declassify and when to order it be done, for so long.

Rosenstein, realizing that he held back the dam blocking declassification for as long as he could, approached President Trump for a meeting where he convinced Trump that, for the sake of maintaining a functioning agency, he would begin working aggressively to supply the Inspector General with requested materials.

Trump immediately recognized the political benefits of this if, and only if, Rosenstein moved quickly and decisively to manage the cleansing of both agencies.  

The OIG is now empowered to bring immense pressure (privately) on Rosenstein who would necessarily (in keeping with his agreement with the president) have to expose whatever phony predicates, lies, and absence of exculpatory information, formed the basis for the FISA application that put this criminal conspiracy in motion.

Keep in mind that the Inspector General was appointed by Obama and is charged with rooting out corruption within the department they are assigned to.  In this case the DOJ and FBI.

The revelation of that conspiracy, coupled with special counsel Robert Mueller’s failure to find any evidence to support the Russian collusion narrative, would be more than enough to force Rosenstein’s hand and terminate Mueller’s probe.

How much better for Trump politically for Rosenstein to fire Mueller and to remove that albatross from around the president’s neck, than for Trump to do it himself?

This is exactly the declassification pivot that Trump announced on Friday:

Trump put Rosenstein, and everyone else, on notice that he hadn’t abandoned outright declassification and that he might order it at a moments notice if Rosenstein is caught dragging his feet.

This will be done, by one means or another, before the November election.  Unlike most midterm elections, this has the potential to be a watershed event where Americans seize back control of their country through the leadership of Donald Trump.

For the criminal cabal and those they have been protecting – Obama, Clinton and foreign governments – this election represents their last chance to stop Trump from restoring the government to the people.  

Essentially, it looks like Trump has made a deal with Rosenstein where the corrupt DAG might have been offered leniency for finally doing the right thing.

By running this article the Times has chosen sides against the president in what amounts to a last stand against Trump’s legitimately growing power.  They jettisoned Rosenstein and in the process are representing the interests of Team McCabe, likely because they see this as the best way to keep the case that is emerging against the Obama-Clinton criminal cabal from becoming public prior to the midterms.

It’s a near certainty that Trump may have “flipped” Rosenstein, or Rosenstein offered to flip for a deal.  It matters little who initiated the agreement only that it is properly executed.

If it’s not, Trump has made it clear he will order it done and the carnage, once everything becomes public, will be far worse.

The ride from here is all downhill and should start unfolding very, very quickly.