Cut The Bullshit – Walls Work

ELDER PATRIOT – Federal and State prisons in the U.S. house 2,220,300 inmates.  Many of these are hardened criminals with minimal prospects of ever being free again or serving decades long sentences.  They may be considered desperate and have already been found guilty of the most heinous crimes.

Of these more than 2.2 million criminals, with every incentive to escape, USA Today reported that:  “In the five-year span between 2009 and 2013, just one inmate escaped from a maximum-security prison. Nine escaped from minimum- or medium-security facilities. Authorities recaptured all 10 within a day, state officials said.”

What kept these highly motivated criminals from more successful escapes?  Walls.  Without gaps.

Had Ronald Reagan insisted on the building of a wall as part of his amnesty it’s highly likely that there would be no illegal immigrant problem. 

Applying the same ratio of success to a border wall as we’ve experienced with prison walls would have reduced the estimated 30 million illegal immigrants to a mere 135 persons.

Interestingly, approximately 2,000 prisoners escape annually from low-security prisons that don’t have fences or that are being transported for medical or other reasons.

Walls work.

Another benefit: It’s also likely that the Democrats would be a more centrist party if for no other reason than to remain relevant.