Criminal Leadership of IRS About to Feel the Hammer Dropped on Them

ELDER PATRIOT – It’s been a long time coming but finally Obama’s criminal cartel running the IRS is going to be held to account.  As with every branch of government that Obama infected with his Marxist appointees, laws were ignored or deliberately subverted to stifle political dissent in his quest to cut America – and Americans – down to size.

Kevin Brady (R-TX) is the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee one of the most powerful positions in Congress.  He has called on the Justice Department to begin prosecuting the case against Lois Lerner announcing that overwhelming evidence has been presented proving that Lerner “broke the law to target Americans for their political beliefs” while she was the Director of the IRS Exempt Organizations Division.

“…For what many believe were purely partisan reasons, the prior Administration refused to review Ms. Lerner’s misconduct,” Brady and Tax Police Subcommittee Chairman Peter Roskam (R-IL) wrote in their letter asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take charge of the prosecution. “In particular, the Committee found that Ms. Lerner used her position to improperly influence IRS action against conservative organizations, denying these groups due process and equal protection rights under the law.

“The Committee also found she impeded official investigations by providing misleading statements in response to questions from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.  Finally, Lerner risked exposing, and may actually have disclosed, confidential taxpayer information, in apparent violation of Internal Revenue Code section 6103 by using her personal email to conduct official business.”

The most appalling aspect of Lerner’s criminal behavior was when she asserted her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination when questioned by Congress.

WTF?  It’s one thing when a criminal invokes the Fifth Amendment and forces the government to make their case against him or her but it’s quite another when a government employee who has sworn to protect and defend the Constitution turns around and uses the protections of the Constitution to try to save their ass after they denied those same protections to those who they were entrusted in protecting.

How can a public servant use the Fifth Amendment to impede an investigation into crimes that they previously took an oath not to let happen on their watch?

Lerner is the worst kind of criminal because she violated and preyed on the public trust.  Hopefully this signals the Draining of the Swamp at the IRS where another corrupt Obama appointee Commissioner John Koskinen still holds sway over the illegal activities at what the Obama administration turned into a rogue agency.

Koskinen is another winner.  He was impeached but survived.  Only in the totally corrupt world of politics could a person of questionable character continue to be entrusted running the IRS.  Even if he wasn’t guilty of participating in the overt criminal behavior of Lois Lerner, he must be held responsible for the performance of his employees.

Unless he was living in a cave for the past four years he had to have at least read the accusations against her, former IRS Commissioner Steven Miller, and Nikole Flax that were regularly reported on Fox News and in the new media.

At this point here can be no more excuses, it’s time to clean house at the IRS.  Unfortunately with Obama’s criminal appointees spread throughout every government agency there may not be enough honest people that can be found to replace them.