More Cracks: Debbie Dingell (D-MI) Blasts Her Party

ELDER PATRIOT –  Democratic representative Debbie Dingell of Michigan has expressed her disgust over the fact that her party has led its members into the party of identity politics.

During a Wednesday appearance on “MSNBC Live” Dingle blasted her party’s leadership:

“[W]e’ve become this identity politics.  We’re the women’s caucus, the black caucus, the Hispanic caucus. We’ve lost sense of “we,” that our strength comes in community, and that community of all of us.  And sometimes I don’t feel like I belong in any of the little different caucuses, but I am a proud Democrat who was sent here to represent the working men and women of my district, and that’s what I’m supposed to be a voice for.”

The only problem was that the coastal elites had hijacked the party’s agenda and that agenda didn’t include hardworking, God-fearing Mid-westerners.

Then Dingell blasted the fragmentation of her party:

“Look, I’m a woman. I’ve been discriminated against. I could tell you story after story, like when I started at GM and I got asked, ‘Why would a woman want to work at GM?’ But I know my power comes — or my strength is being part of a broader community, where we all pull together and fight for an issue.”

Wow!!!  At least for one Dem woman, the light has gone on.