Cowboys’ Owner Jerry Jones Leads Effort to Depose Roger Goodell

Elder Patriot – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a feckless worm and always has been. The league’s owners were happy to overlook Goodell’s spineless leadership as long as their bottom line was growing.

Goodell knows his way around political circles and has been able to arrange for $6.5 Billion – yes, Billion with a capital B – in tax breaks for ownership and that more than justified the estimated $200 million they have lavished on him since he became commissioner. 

But Goodell’s unwillingness to make a principled stand when it’s called for is finally catching up with him.

Evidence of Goodell’s missing moral compass came when he caved to race-baiters like Al Sharpton and blocked Rush Limbaugh’s efforts to buy a small piece of an NFL team. 

Goodell claimed Limbaugh’s conservative talk show was fraught with “unacceptable” political comments. 

That was in 2009 when the league was enjoying consistent year over year revenue increases.  These days’ things are different. 

The leagues ratings began falling last year largely because of Goodell’s spineless refusal to demand that Colin Kaepernick stand for the National Anthem. 

Fans were growing disgusted by the politicization of the league under Goodell’s guidance yet he did nothing about it.

The decline has not only continued this season it has accelerated and the bottom doesn’t seem to be in sight. 

What has Goodell done in response?  One thing he hasn’t done is demand that his players abide by the rules governing their comportment during the playing of the anthem.  Rules that he put in place.

Well, if there’s one thing that unites people on both sides of the political aisle it’s money.  NFL owners are no different.  And the decline in ratings and attendance and declining sales of licensed products is costing them a bundle.

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones knows that the time has come to change commissioners.  With Goodell’s contract expiring now is the time for a complete evaluation of Goodell’s performance up to now as well as his ability to lead the league in a world where Donald Trump is president and not Barack Obama.

The mainstream media would have you believe that Jones’ attempt to depose of Goodell is a result of a feud over the suspension Goodell placed on Jones’ star running back.  That’s the same reason they’re giving for New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft’s decision to side with Jones. 

Jones and Kraft are two of the leagues most influential owners and they didn’t achieve that level of respect among other billionaires by being small-minded and vindictive.

With $6.5 Billion in tax breaks at stake and revenue from operations crashing, Jones is simply asking his fellow owners to consider if Obama sycophant Roger Goodell is the right person to lead their league at this time.