Coup Conspirators Align Behind Biden: Comey Throws Support to Former VP… Campaign Tells Him to Take a Hike

Disgraced FBI Director James Comey has managed to become radioactive to everyone in Washington.  

The left hates him because they feel he undermined Hillary Clinton’s campaign by reopening the investigation into her emails late in the campaign.  The right hates him because he led an attempted coup against Donald Trump.

So, when Comey announced he had voted for, and was endorsing Joe Biden for president earlier today, it set in motion a hilarious response from Team Biden:

Andrew Bates is the Biden campaign’s rapid response director.

Thanks but, no thanks.  Take a hike…

Comey’s endorsement came on the heels of yesterday’s endorsement by corrupt former CIA Director John Brennan:

Joe Biden is one of the most honest, decent, practical, & experienced individuals with whom I have ever worked. If nominated & elected, he is capable of unifying our country & restoring America’s standing around the world.

The responses to Brennan’s tweet are guaranteed to at least make you chuckle.

What he really meant was “he’s as corrupt as I am so I’m pretty sure I can count on him to cover up my malfeasance”… and everyone knows it.

Following Comey’s endorsement this afternoon corrupt Obama-era unmasker Samantha Power tweeted her support for Biden:

Undercover Huber responded to Power:

What Brennan is really saying: “Joe Biden is one of the most loyal members of the Deep State with whom I have ever worked.  If nominated & elected, he will immediately cease all investigations of wrongdoing by HRC and all Federal Agencies, inducing the DoJ/FBI/Intel Agencies.”

Shout out to all co-conspirators… Joe Biden is your last best hope…