Corruption Among Obama Holdovers Directly Linked to 52,000 Deaths

ELDER PATRIOT – Former President Barack Obama was the most anti-American chief executive ever elected.  He coupled his anti-American agenda with the most aggressive looting of the federal treasury imaginable.

One look at the results of the $3 Trillion in bailouts that Obama insisted would fix the economy reveals the people got nothing for their money but Obama supporters and foreign entities got fat at the expense of the American taxpayer.  Oh, and the economic losers owe thanks to Obama for increasing spending on everything from welfare to food stamps with money they had to borrow from future generations.

Now Obama’s holdovers appear to be selling influence once again. 

Breitbart Texas recently published a document “showing a Havre Sector Border Patrol manager knowingly issuing orders to leave 40 miles of Montana border open and unpatrolled.”

Considering the entire Havre sector is only 60 miles long the Obama holdover that gave the order has left a massive corridor unpatrolled providing wide access through which Central and South American drug cartels can ship their poison into the United States.

Yesterday, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly highlighted just how much of a threat these cartels are noting that there were more than 52,000 drug overdose deaths in the Untied States in 2015.

According to Kelly:

It’s the highest number of drug-related deaths our country has ever seen. It’s more deaths than the peak of the AIDS epidemic in 1995. In a single year, we’ve lost nearly as many Americans to drug overdose as we lost in battle in World War I. Almost as many as was lost in 12 years in Vietnam.

“And that’s just overdose deaths. That number—as high as it is—says nothing about the long-term health damage to our citizens who survive, to say nothing about the human misery, the families ripped apart, and the extremes of crime and violence inherent in the illegal-drug enterprise.”

This is all fueled by the big money that accrues to transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) originating with Latin American drug cartels and violent international gangs like MS-13.

This brings us back to the Obama holdovers that ordered the Havre Sector remain open and unpatrolled.

Why would an employee, even one ideologically opposed to closing the border, risk losing his job unless the financial reward was significantly greater than then risk he was taking?

With these cartels making tens of billions of dollars from U.S. consumers why is no one asking for an investigation into what is likely another example of Obama and his minions selling out America?