Conservatives Angst Over Betsy DeVos Was Much Ado About Nothing

ELDER PATRIOT – Everyone is scrutinizing Donald Trump’s cabinet picks to look for a clue as to whether he will really be an agent for change and if he’ll keep his promise to drain the D.C. swamp. 

When Trump announced donor Betsy DeVos to be his Education Secretary conservatives threw their hands up in disgust.  While they approved of her position championing vouchers and school choice to help children escape failing schools they screamed in outrage, “She’s for Common Core” after citing Karen Braun writing for Stop Common Core in Michigan.

Well last night after Donald Trump introduced her to the cheering fans at the Michigan rally on his “Thank You” tour DeVos put that nonsense to rest.

DeVos began by telling her audience that she will put “kids first every single day.  This means expanding choices and options to give every child the opportunity for a quality education regardless of their zip code or their family circumstances. This means letting states set their own high standards and finally putting an end to the federalized Common Core.”

Devos didn’t stop there expounding on her beliefs about the need to decentralize education so that Washington cannot continue turning it into an indoctrination program, “It won’t be Washington, D.C. that unlocks that potential.  It won’t be a giant bureaucracy or a federal department. Nope. The answer isn’t bigger government. The answer is local control.”

As Betsy DeVos proved last night we should avoid the temptation to pigeonhole Trump’s appointments according to his/her past associations.

While a person’s past affiliations can sometimes provide some insight into their vision and resolve it does not reveal the level of cynicism and disgust that they might’ve developed while working in and among the institutions that they did. 

We probably should have learned that lesson from Trump’s selection of Steve Bannon who is an alumnus of Goldman Sachs.