Confirmation Hearings Exposing Obama and Partisan Democrats as Disingenuous, Ignorant, and Dangerous

ELDER PATRIOT – Try as they might to discredit Steve Mnuchin Donald Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, his affable nature allowed his superior knowledge of the topics he was being questioned about to expose his inquisitors as ignorant or of being deliberately disingenuous in order to try to paint Mr. Mnuchin into an “I gotcha” corner.  They failed miserably.

Mnuchin used the opportunity to expose the federal government’s rules that forced foreclosures to Fannie and Freddie originated mortgages even when his company, that had inherited these loans when they bought larger portfolios containing them, wanted to work out mortgage modifications with delinquent borrowers.  That’s right, government regulations barred Mnuchin from working out payment agreements that might’ve helped these people keep their homes,

Just like that Treasury Nominee Mnuchin let the committee, and the world, know that liberal politicians were just as guilty, if not more so, as irresponsible lenders were as the root cause of the 2008 financial meltdown.  And, that their policies had continued the pain for millions of Americans.

Questioning by partisan Democrats also sought to pin nominees on whether debt had reached a level where it threatened national security.  That never seemed to be a problem for them over the past eight years when President Obama was running down our military capability and doubling the debt but that was then and this is now.  So what’s their game?

Simply they’re setting the stage to deny Trump the funding that’ll be necessary to rebuild our military when they dig in on Trump’s attempt to control entitlement spending.

The bottom line on this issue, these partisan Democrats do not care about our military preparedness.

Later, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill tried to make hay of Trump’s ownership of a vast real estate empire, that he had developed legitimately and legally, by demanding that Steve Mnuchin make sure that Trump profits in no way from these holdings.  In other words, force Donald to divest or do nothing to improve the financial conditions of our allies where Trump owns properties.

While McCaskill has expressed a concern that should be monitored but that offers no direct threat to American interests, it’s worth noting that she never questioned how Hillary Clinton managed to develop her vast wealth that we have learned was assembled by selling America’s secrets and assets to the highest bidder – even when that bidder was our greatest enemy (according Hillary and these Democrats) and the money was made selling weapons grade uranium as Mrs. Clinton did with the Russians in exchange for tens of millions of dollars in contributions to the Clinton Foundation..

The Democrats have been getting away with promulgating their lies and stealing the wealth of Americans for so long that they entered these hearings convinced they’d be able to turn this into the usual defamation process that they successfully turned pervious hearings into.  They weren’t prepared for the intellectual depth and affable nature of Trump’s nominees and they walked straight into a political buzz saw of their own making.

Watching Democrats foist themselves on their own petards has been incredibly gratifying to those of us who waited 28 years for another leader who represents our interests.

Not since Ronald Reagan rode off into the sunset have the American people had representatives back in the White House with such superior intellect and honesty that they are exposing every disingenuous, ignorant, and dangerous failure, whether intentional or through malfeasance, of Washington’s establishment ruling class.