The Company Built on a Mouse is Being Devoured by a Rat

ELDER PATRIOT – Disney CEO Bob Iger turned down Donald Trump’s invitation to participate in this morning’s Business Executive Forum at the White House.  There was far more to this snub than a simple scheduling conflict.

Months ago, President Trump touted the policy forum as a meeting of “CEOs and business leaders who know what it takes to create jobs and drive economic growth.” 

Other than Iger’s snub the meeting was well attended and afterwards Jack Welch said it was by far the single most productive meeting he’s ever attended with any president since he first began attending these presidential roundtables in 1980.

Iger’s absence is notable because he was one of the few entertainment industry executives that were invited to attend.  What is Iger’s problem?

The Disney CEO is firmly committed to expanding the United States’ H-1B visa program that Disney has unlawfully used in the past to lower their employee costs.  Under Iger’s leadership Disney used the H-1B visa program to replace its entire IT department with foreign imports but only after forcing their existing American work base to train them.

This happened in a year that saw Disney achieve record profits and Iger earn a bonus of over $45 million dollars.  Iger couldn’t find it in his heart to surrender maybe $5-10 million of his bonus to save the jobs of the same American workers who helped make the record profits possible.

Iger’s management of Disney is a disgusting profile in corporate and personal greed. 

What makes this even more disgusting is how Iger’s share of the profits was redirected.  He personally sent $400,000 to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats’ election efforts knowing that they were committed to broadly expanding the H-1B visa program to reward their corporate donors.

Essentially, Iger’s support of Clinton represented giving her a $400,000 payoff to look the other way so he could orchestrate another $5 million gain for himself at the expense of even more of Disney’s American born workforce.

So, at a time when 50% of America’s college graduates cannot find work in their field of study Disney CEO Bob Iger is intent on doing everything in his power to give as many of Disney’s jobs to lower cost foreigners as he can.

The Walt Disney Company was once the iconic symbol of American’s prosperity.  It was all built around a mouse. 

Today a rat has co-opted the once great Walt Disney Company and turned it into a funding engine for the globalists whose interest is in limiting everyone’s prosperity…except their own.