Commentary: Terror in Manchester – Enough Bullshit – It’s Past Time To Hold Our Elected Leaders Accountable.

ELDER PATRIOT – Pardon my anger but I’ve grown weary of governments that levy incredibly costly liabilities on private business owners and then explain away their own malfeasance as due to bad information or feckless political decisions.

As any bar owner can tell you they are responsible for their customers’ welfare after visiting their establishment until…well even after they arrive home if they then decide to go out to feed their munchies.

Juries frequently award plaintiffs hundreds of thousands of dollars for the results of their own poor judgment if they are injured or injure someone else.  There is no defense if the customer moved between multiple bars and was served by multiple bartenders.  Or, if the plaintiff was “cutoff” and his friends continue to serve him or her.  Liability also attaches if they brought a bottle in with them and hid it from the bar’s employees.

Well then when someone appears to be nearing inebriation just escort them outside you say?  Not so quick.  Remember, that person will continue absorbing the alcohol already in their stomach.  Courts have determined that anything that may befall them is the innkeeper’s liability. 

What about injuries resulting from a fight?  Here is where the hypocrisy of the government is exposed big time!

While a bar owner might successfully defend himself against a plaintiff injured in a bar fight he first has to prove he wasn’t negligent.  Translation?  If you had prior knowledge that the person who committed the assault on the plaintiff was inclined towards violence you are negligent in the eyes of the court.

We always handled people that exhibited any inclination towards violent behavior by permanently banning them.

Last night’s suicide bomber, Salman Abedi was known to British security services but British authorities will explain it away by saying he was judged not to be a threat.  Uh…, he obviously was.

He should not be confused with Khalid Masood who had been under the watchful eyes of MI5 over his “violent extremism.”  He too was deemed to no longer be a threat.  That was before Masood used his car to mow down multiple Londoners before stabbing a police officer to death outside of Westminster Palace.

Before you think the Brits are just awful at running a bar, er protecting their citizens, they are not alone.

The German authorities charged with protecting their citizens are just as inept.  In December Anis Amri, drove a truck through a crowded Berlin Christmas market packed with holiday revelers and killed 12 people.  Amri had been identified as a threat well before he perpetrated the attack.

Citizens of France who expect more from their government have likewise been disappointed.  The gunman who killed a police officer at the Champs-Elysees had been identified as a suspect well over a month earlier.

Even the filthy scum that killed 130 people at the Bataclan concert hall in the 2015 Paris terror attack were being monitored not only by French intelligence but by Belgium’s services as well.

Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was well known to French authorities due to his history of threats, violence and petty thefts.  They decided there was nothing to see here.  That was until he drove a truck through a Bastille Day celebration killing 84 people and injuring hundreds more.

Ditto San Bernadino.  The same is true for Orlando where even Disney security had this jihadist under scrutiny..

It’s clear that our politicians don’t possess the same will to protect us that they demand our business owners’ have.

The other day President Trump told an audience of Arab leaders that they must “Drive them out.”  He was speaking of radical Islamists.  It’s past time that the free nations of the world take that advice and run with it.

We have no obligation to allow anyone who is a guest in our country to hide behind Constitutional protections.  It should be their obligation, if they want to be in our country, to prove to us that there isn’t even a hint of a threat to Americans before we allow them to be here.

We demand this much of our nations business owners who do not share information from billion dollar intelligence services.  We should expect more, not less from the government.

The response to yesterday’s terror will be predictably more police at events, the claim that we must not abandon our “values” and so more spying on citizens is inevitable, and more cost to the taxpayers.  While protecting the imagined rights of non-Americans our political leaders are trampling on ours.

We have lost the will to fight and mollify ourselves with nonsensical drivel about values.  This is moral relativism at its worst.  Their ideology is not equal to ours and must be eradicated, or this will continue until we become so defeated we surrender to them.

The response should be “Drive them out.”  We owe them nothing and it would save a bundle.