ELDER PATRIOT – After spending a day testifying before the House Intelligence Committee one thing has become undeniable – Director Comey’s investigations are unduly long…and fruitless. 

He took forever in establishing an ironclad case against Hillary Clinton, the facts of which had been established well before by investigative journalists, and then inexplicably refused to recommend indictment.

Now after more than six months of investigations into whether Trump colluded with Russia and finding nothing to substantiate those claims in the slightest, he let it slip at today’s hearing that he will continue chasing his tail trying to find some proof of it. 

While Trump knows that he himself is clean he cannot be 100% sure that members of his administration are or that the intelligence community isn’t above planting evidence against him or them.  Keep in mind that as soon as Trump learned of Michael Flynn’s questionable ties he demanded his resignation.

Even partisan hack and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had to admit there was nothing to the “Trump colluded with Russia” story.  Comey, however, promised to continue down this road to nowhere.

Ok, that might be acceptable except for this; when he was asked if he was investigating the source of the leaks that are very real, and that actually do threaten the security of our country he wouldn’t tell us that he would be investigating that very real threat!

We’ve contended that Comey is a dirty cop since last summer.  His feckless answers and unwillingness to be forthcoming today did nothing to change that opinion.  Instead, his performance raises the question of whether he’s protecting himself and in the process making himself bedfellows with the Democrats.

Either way, it has become obvious that Comey’s message to Trump is “stop your plans to Drain the Swamp” or else.