Comey & Mueller Will Regret Protecting Clinton

Elder Patriot – We are watching the final desperate actions of the men and women whose perversions are used to extort their loyalty in support of the Deep State.  Their downfall is coming for the precise reason they were trusted to carry out the subversion of the American people.  They can be trusted because they share a common bond – fear of exposure.

They are either participants or profiteers of the human sex trafficking of minors.  And their Queen Bee was Hillary Clinton.

Just prior to the 2016 presidential election we reported that the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner laptop seized by NYPD investigators working the Weiner sexting case, contained 650,000 Clinton emails.  Included among them were the 33,000 emails Clinton had erased. 

The incriminating evidence that had been discovered was beyond explosive and included proof of money laundering, pay-to-play, and pedophilia.  The damning emails involved Hillary, her immediate circle, and a number of Democratic members of Congress.

Our report was filed back on November 4, 2016 when the news first broke.  We can now surmise from reading the Inspector General’s report that led to the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch had already taken steps to silence NYPD investigators a week earlier.

The OIG report references an October 26th, 2016 call from Lynch to FBI Director James Comey during which she left no doubt that she expected them to hide the evidence found on the Abedin-Weiner laptop.  Lynch threatened to bring in a team of new prosecutors and back them with civil rights attorneys in order to reopen the racially sensitive Eric Garner wrongful death case that a grand jury had already dismissed, if they refused to be silent about the evidence found on the laptop.

Trump supporter and former NYC mayor, Rudy Giuliani had maintained relations with many of the same NYPD investigators assigned to the Weiner sexting case and he kept candidate Trump informed of what they had discovered on the laptop.

A month after Trump was inaugurated he announced his intention to prosecute human trafficking and sex crimes against children in a much more aggressive manner than ever before.

Since Trump made that declaration the number of human trafficking arrests increased geometrically over those of previous administrations. 

Sealed indictments began increasing exponentially at the end of 2017 and have continued through the first quarter of 2018.  Just four days before Christmas President Trump signed an Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption aimed at tightening the noose on this cabal of the rich and powerful … and perverse.

The first step in bringing prosecutions took place two weeks ago when Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered to be shut down and their records seized. CEO Carl Ferrer has agreed to cooperate with federal investigators in exchange for a reduced sentence.  His website was immediately shuttered. began operations in 2004 and grew to command 80% of the sex-trafficking market once Craig’s list abandoned that market.  Robert Mueller was the FBI Director from’s launch and for the next 9 years.  He did nothing to protect the victims of’s advertisers.

After Comey took the reins at the FBI nothing changed.  Despite growing awareness of the massive number of individuals suffering from these sex slavers, Comey never attempted to address the problem.

Tell me again Mr. Comey who’s morally unfit to serve the American people – especially the American women and children who count on government to protect them?

It’s only fake news until it becomes real news.