Comey is Going Down. Clinton is Going Down. This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg.

ELDER PATRIOT – The damning evidence just keeps coming against the Obama administration’s corruption of the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the nation’s intelligence services that was done solely for political purposes.

The weaponization of these agencies now appears to have been so egregious that little discernible difference can be found between them and the East German Stasi. 

The latest proof came as a result of the efforts of Judicial Watch, a private organization that has been fighting in the courts for years using FOIA requests to get to the truth.

Think about that for a second.  The most massive intelligence network in the world and private citizens are forced to fund an investigation to learn the truth.

Judicial Watch’s latest request resulted in the release of 2800 files that were found on a personal laptop belonging to the husband of a high-level advisor and confidant of Hillary Clinton. 

That advisor is Hillary’s former Deputy Chief of Staff during the time that she served as Secretary of State, Huma Abedin.   Abedin’s husband also happens to be former Congressman Anthony Weiner and a convicted sexual pervert who is serving time in a federal prison for his actions with an underage girl.  He would’ve been a prime target for extortion.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was grooming Weiner for much bigger things before the proverbial shit hit the fan.

Think about that for a second, too.  Schumer wants to know everything about every Trump appointee dating back to the time they spent in a cradle but he ignores incriminating evidence about fellow Democrats.  Better with which to compromise them, perhaps.

Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell weighed in with Fox News’ Ed Henry on what they discovered in these new emails that adds to the already overwhelming evidence against Hillary Clinton as well as the FBI for its gross negligence in handling the investigation into her violations of the Espionage Act:

“Well this is the twentieth production in this case.  This one is critical because it places classified information on the Weiner laptop.  Beyond any doubt, according to the State Department themselves, it proves that classified information was forwarded in an unlawful way.

“It’s a direct violation of Title 18 of the U.S. code Section 793 F, which is mishandling national defense information.  I personally have investigated and prosecuted those cases as an army counter-intelligence special agent.  I know that people have been jailed for a fraction, a tiny fraction, of what has now been made public and documented through Judicial Watch’s litigation and so this really cries out for a legitimate investigation being done.

“Your earlier clip with Mr. Comey [FBI director] talking about intent is a fraud.  There’s no requirement for proving intent under that particular citation I gave you a moment ago.  The intent is irrelevant.  The fact that the loss or the mishandling of the national defense information occurred – that’s the crime.

When Henry asked about Abedin’s defense that she had no clue she was breaking the law when she sent those to her husband’s laptop to store Farrell once again turned to the law to dismiss the excuse as childish:

“It’s irrelevant.  Let me tell you that no one in the armed forces, the intelligence community, or law enforcement, no one listening to this program tonight who has ever had a security clearance would ever buy that kind of phony excuse.

“Comey already manufactured his get out of jail free card for Hillary Clinton months before she was even subject interviewed in July.  That’s been documented as well.

“Frankly, these documents can form the foundation for an indictment of Comey and [Peter] Strzok, the investigator who is at the center of this entire nightmare of a security problem.”

When Henry brought up Strzok’s name and asked whether our newfound knowledge of his involvement in this case merits re-opening the investigation Farrell pounced:

“Absolutely, because on the second of July, when Mrs. Clinton was interviewed, she wasn’t even Mirandized.  You had federal agents who had reason to believe the person sitting in front of them had committed a crime and through the lawyering of David Kendall, what should have been a subject interview under oath of Mrs. Clinton turned into a coffee and donuts session.

“And, when she sat there and said she could not remember more than thirty some odd times it doesn’t pass the giggle test.  No one in their right mind would believe that.

“And, also when someone says that you pause the interview, you pull out her non-disclosure agreement, you have her review it and refresh her recollection, and ask her how she doesn’t remember being briefed on this.”

Henry then asked what do you say to the viewers who say Hillary lost the election lets move on. 

“It has nothing to do with the politics of losing an election.  What is does have to do with is violating national security law and putting top-secret sensitive compartmented information at risk.  And, not just at risk but likely compromised to foreign intelligence agencies.  Not just the information itself but the sources and methods of collection.

“This is the gravest national security crime one can commit.  It’s not an administrative oops.  This is a crime that borders on treason and it is punishable at that level.”

We know that Abedin forwarded at least one of those emails to her husband’s laptop in November 2010 to the address “Anthony Campaign.”

We also know from Comey’s Congressional testimony that he believed Abedin regularly forwarded emails to Weiner for him to print out so she could give them to Clinton.  Apparently there was no room in the State Department’s 2010 fiscal year’s $16 billion budget for printers.

Hillary should’ve taken the plea deal Jeff Sessions offered her early in the Trump administration.  Failing that she should’ve put her tail between her legs and kept her mouth shut and prayed Trump would turn his back on the past.  Instead, her arrogance led her to join Barack Obama in leading the resistance movement against Trump.

For political reasons, this left Trump with very little in the way of options other than to prove her guilt.

More significantly the latest document dump, when coupled with Comey’s prior testimony and his failure to follow any proper protocol in interviewing Clinton or any of her associates under oath and accompanied by appropriate note-taking puts him front and center as an accomplice in hiding Mrs. Clinton and her closest associates’ treasonous actions.

Comey’s July 2016 exoneration statement that he was conscious of tilting an election was bullshit.  If that was the case why did he participate in then-President Obama’s plot to tilt the election to Hillary Clinton by starting a bogus investigation against Donald Trump without even a scintilla of evidence to justify it?

Comey is going down.  Clinton is going down.  Whether Abedin and others surrounding Mrs. Clinton can be charged after Comey had already given them immunity will be the subject of a future lawsuit.

Whether the case is made against Strzok that he acted unlawfully – yes his email suggested that might be the case – is yet to be determined beyond a reasonable doubt.

As for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, he is walking a tightrope right now.  He has expanded his investigation into everything Trump while ignoring every criminal act committed by Hillary and her closest associates.

Obama, his National Security Advisor Susan Rice, his CIA chief John Brennan, his Director of National Security James Clapper, the current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and FBI legal counsel James Baker are foremost among others who will soon be facing the wrath of our justice system.

A year and a half investigation into Trump has yielded nothing.  It is going to take more than that time to root out the extent of Hillary and Obama’s corruption.

The American people get it.  Fully 56% of the people now want a special counsel to investigate Mrs. Clinton and the trail of corruption that she left in her wake.

It would appear that Trump has withstood the attack from the Deep State and now has the political capital to begin prosecuting it.