Comey Confesses To Federal Crimes, Admits Leaking Classified Intel Facing Federal Prison – Trump On War Path

ELDER PATRIOT – While answering questions posed to him by members of the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, fired F.B.I. Director James Comey brazenly admitted to leaking confidential details of what was purportedly an ongoing investigation – except it wasn’t an ongoing investigation because no investigation into Donald Trump had ever been opened.  If you’re having trouble following this then you’re not alone.

Regardless, despite the F.B.I.’s longstanding protocol of never acknowledging that an investigation is being conducted into anything or anyone until an indictment is handed down, Comey admitted to leaking confidential details about a discussion with the president concerning a narrative that was being shopped by the MSM but that had no foundation in fact.    

How could he be so brazen?  Comey is an experienced Washington insider who knows what awaits leakers.

For evidence we need look no further than Reality Winner who is facing spending the rest of her youth, if not longer, in a federal penitentiary essentially for leaking information that incriminates the Obama administration as having failed – either intentionally or through malfeasance – to protect our voting process from foreign actors.

Isn’t that what I heard Senators of both parties claim yesterday, that to protect our democracy the American people have a right to know?

So, why is Winner being torched by the MSM while Comey is being extolled?

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Solari told the judge in Winner’s case that she had written in a notebook: “I want to burn the White House Down … find somewhere in Kurdistan to live. Ha-ha!”

Compare that to Comey and his Deep State allies that want to burn the inhabitants of the White House and then occupy it after their ashes have been swept away.

How could Comey be so brazen?  The answer is because he knows he’ll never be prosecuted.  Loyal members of the Deep State never are.  For proof of that I refer you to Hillary and Bill Clinton another example of Comey’s brazen disregard of the law and, of Comey’s responsibilities as head of the F.B.I.

Comey admitted, that in at least one instance he leaked in hopes that a Special Prosecutor would be appointed.  That happened.  Did Comey know that Special Prosecutor would be his good friend Robert Mueller?  Or, was he just confident that it would be someone similar with a history of protecting the Deep State?

While Mueller was F.B.I. director, Hillary’s criminal reign at the State Department began and flourished and Obama’s surveillance violations in defiance of FISA court rulings first became commonplace.

Mueller’s deliberate or malfeasant oversight of clearly obvious criminal activity when it comes to members of the Deep State should disqualify him from investigating anyone that is being challenged by that Deep State.

Under any circumstance, now that Comey has made himself a target of this investigation, Mueller’s close personal relationship with Comey becomes grounds for Mueller to recuse himself.

This is why President Trump has enlisted a close person friend and attorney Marc Kasowitz and convened a “War Room” to go on the offensive rather than spend the next eight years with his administration on the defensive.

Following Comey’s self-incriminating testimony that should’ve resulted in him being frog-walked out of the Capitol at the conclusion of his deposition, CBS News reported that Kasowitz said that he plans to file an official complaint against Comey.  This is just the start of Trump’s counter-offensive.

With Attorney General Jeff Sessions having recused him self at the outset of this illegitimate process his second in command Rod Rosenstein should immediately convene a Grand Jury to investigate the lies and admissions that made yesterdays. 

Americans, after all, have a right to know just whom Comey is really working for and protecting.

This is what “Draining the Swamp” entails.  It’s slow, tedious and dangerous work.  It is one brave many with a small cadre of supporters taking on athe leviathan government.  President Trump deserves all the credit in the world for doing this for us.