When it Comes to Clinton’s Email Excuses She’s Counting on You Being That Stupid

ELDER PATRIOT –  Even CNN is having a hard time protecting Hillary Clinton from the contents of her leaked emails.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager yesterday why the IT contractor overseeing her private email server used the words “Hillary cover-up operation “ in his personal notes when describing orders to delete her emails after 60 days?

TAPPER: “There was a document dump on Friday that we learned from the FBI that an IT contractor managing Hillary Clinton’s private email server made reference to the “Hillary cover-up operation” in a work ticket. He used those words after a senior Clinton aide asked him to automatically delete emails after 60 days. This IT worker certainly sounded like he was covering something up, no?”

Clinton’s campaign manager Robbie Mook’s answer lacked any logic.

MOOK: “Look, Jake, I’m — first of all I’m glad you asked that question. A lot of this stuff is swirling around in the ether. It’s important to pull back and look at the facts here. The FBI did a comprehensive and deep investigation into this. And at the conclusion of that, FBI Director Comey came out and said to the world that there was no case here, that they have no evidence of wrongdoing on Hillary’s part.”

First he wasn’t glad that Tapper asked that question because he had no answer for it.  Second, he resorted to flat out lying when he said FBI Director Comey had found “no evidence of wrongdoing on Hillary’s part.”

Comey had found evidence of serious felonious behavior as this exchange between House Judiciary Chairman Trey Gowdy and Director Comey proves:

Tapper gave Mook a pass on his lies but did ask the same question over again.  Mook’s response this time demanded a level of ignorance on the part of the viewers:

MOOK: “Well, well, but this is — but this is — this is the perfect example of what’s going on here. Republicans on the House side are selectively leaking documents for the purpose of making Hillary look bad. We’ve asked the FBI to release all information that they’ve shared with Republicans so they can get the full picture. But again, I would trust the career professionals at the FBI and the Justice Department who looked into this matter, concluded that was no case, than I would Republicans who are selectively leaking information.”


We’ve asked the FBI to release all information that they’ve shared with Republicans so they can get the full picture.”

Wouldn’t a logical follow-up question for Mook have been, “since they’re Mrs. Clinton emails why doesn’t she produce them in order to give us the “full picture” so that she could put this controversy to rest?

Here’s some other questions a professional journalist might asked if he was searching for the truth rather than simply providing a platform for her campaign to make excuses:

Why did Mrs. Clinton hire one of the most expensive law firms in a city of over-priced law firms to dispose of 33,000 “private” emails that “contained wedding pictures and chocolate chip cookie recipes” and opt to hand over incriminating emails instead? 

Why would professional attorneys Cheryl Mills and David Kendall deliberately destroy evidence knowing that they could be facing twenty years in a federal prison for doing so unless the contents of those emails were so damaging that it made doing so worth the risk?

This isn’t the first time Jake Tapper asked Mook about Mrs. Clinton’s emails.  He did so in February of this year and Mook offered no serious answers back then, either.

At this point, who but Mrs. Clinton’s most ardent sycophantic and ignorant supporters can any longer believe anything she, or her minions, say in defense of her illegal and treasonous handling of her emails?

It would be foolish to expect Mook to offer any better excuses when Julian Assange drops the email mother lode in a couple of weeks. 

The Clinton campaign has been reduced to relying on voters being that stupid.