CNN Report Encourages Assassinating Donald Trump Prior to Completion of Inauguration

ELDER PATRIOT – The meltdown of Donald Trump’s opponents continues apace although it’s beginning to more look like a well-orchestrated attempt to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president with each passing day.

It appears all of the claims that Trump is the second coming of Adolph Hitler, the riots paid for by George Soros and other Democrat donors, the political hacks of the Democratic Party who are boycotting the inauguration claiming that Trump was illegitimately elected, and the silence of Barack Obama in the face of all of this anti-Trump hysteria was only a prelude to their plan to see Trump assassinated.

This possibility became real when CNN ran a report encouraging the violent protestors to do the unthinkable by assuring them that if one of them “offed” Trump prior to the ceremonies being completed, then the Obama “designated presidential successor” would ascend to the presidency.

The network couched its thinly veiled call to arms as an “informational what-if” report but considering the fever pitch emotions that they have been involved in stirring up for many months, it was completely irresponsible and removes any doubt that CNN is not interested in anything other than supporting the destruction of Donald Trump either by his assassination or by settling for undermining his presidency.

A responsible news network would have held the report until after the inauguration since the report would have still been relevant and of interest but its contents would have been of no immediate value to the anarchist viewer that they serve.

That CNN can’t countenance the Trump presidency because he exposed them as an originator of fake news is understandable. That CNN has decided to add to the insanity that they have help to create in the hope that they encourage one of their viewers to actually murder an incoming president suggests a much broader plot may be unfolding and with the help of CNN.

Keep in mind this is not the first time that CNN sought to plant the idea of assassinating Trump in their viewers’ consciousness.  Only two months ago Don Lemon ran a twenty-second video of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan for no apparent reason.

Thanks to Trump CNN has exposed themselves as little more than the propaganda arm of the globalist movement.