The Clintons Would Rather Destroy The Moral Fiber of America Than Admit Their Transgressions and Just Go Away

ELDER PATRIOT – The New York Post is reporting that Cecilia Sanossian has been allowed to resume teaching at Valley Stream North High School (NY) after having been suspended for making sexual advances on, both, male teachers and students.

An “internal investigation” found that the charges levied by the entire ten person social studies department and three students wasn’t credible enough to warrant her losing her job.  This decision was made despite the fact that the Equal Employment Opportunity Center had already determined that there was probable cause against her.

Sanossian would never have found employment in the education industry after such unacceptable workplace behavior had this had occurred in America’s pre-Clinton era.

What’s behind such an obviously biased and irresponsible decision?  Try Hillary Clinton and her deep New York political connections.  The more muddy the waters on acceptable behavior become the less egregiously Bill Clinton’s abuse of women will appear.  After all we’re all just sexual animals and the Democrats, led by the Clintons, are intent of making that central to their platform.

On the flip side of the same coin is the hoped for effect this decision will have on softening the public’s perception of Hillary’s egregious attacks on the women that her husband forced himself on.

The charges that were brought against Sanossian by the three male students and that were dismissed are particularly troubling.  As the lines are blurred between appropriate and unlawful sexual interactions involving adults and minors, Bill Clinton’s four-dozen plus visits with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Epstein’s entourage becomes less shocking, diminishing the political fallout as this becomes more widely known.

The Clinton’s have never cared about America’s young unless there was a government program involved that they could tap into for their personal financial gain.  Or, as with Bill and his friend Epstein, a personal urge to be filled. 

The Clinton’s have spent their entire public life convoluting the financial and moral levers of government as dictated by their personal needs. 

Whatever assets they could sell they did.  Whether it was the sale of nuclear secrets to the Chinese from the Los Alamos Laboratories, or the destruction of employment opportunities of American workers and their families for the benefit of large corporations, and everything in between, the Clinton’s have found a way to amass a net worth of $130 million dollars without ever working in the private sector.

But their behavior has not only been illegal, it has been immoral.  Bill was the first American president to openly engage in extra-marital affairs.  Worse, he wasn’t deterred by the women who said no, forcing himself on them if that’s what it took to satisfy his carnal desires.  And, in order to cover their tracks Hillary was always there to ridicule and threaten Bill’s accusers rather than to withdraw from public life.

It is important to note that Bill and Hillary Clinton exert vast influence over the New York Department of Education that is a wholly owned subsidiary of New York’s Democratic machine.  There is simply no way they were not aware of the decision to reinstate Sanossian before it was publicly announced which means the decision met with their approval. 

Given that for the Clinton’s everything is political, what other reason could they have for giving their blessing to the reinstatement of Sanossian, especially in an election year?