Clinton Unveils New Campaign Strategy – Nothing Left To Do But Lie

ELDER PATRIOT – Mrs. Clinton unveiled the strategy that she’ll be employing for the remainder of her campaign at last night’s Commander in Chief forum.  She will simply deny and lie about all of her misdeeds, outright corruption, illegal activities, and abject policy failures while attempting to run the clock out with hopes that her dwindling lead holds until November 8th.   

Last night Mrs. Clinton chose to outright lie rather than to be reduced to a blubbering fool trying to explain her record as Secretary of State.  As it turned out she achieved both.

Longtime Democratic strategist Pad Caddell remarked of Mrs. Clinton’s performance, “I thought as I watched it, I thought, every time she [Hillary Clinton] can’t answer a question–which is almost every time–in one sentence or two, she rambles on, and you can tell she’s lying, she’s lying, she’s lying.”

Caddell later added, “By the way, the new argument that ‘I used a classified server for classified documents,’ where the hell did that come from? I mean, that was just out of left field.”

Caddell is right, where did that come from?  FBI Director James Comey as well as State Department spokespersons both confirmed more than two months ago that the entirety of Mrs. Clinton’s emails were limited to those residing on her private, illegal, homebrew unsecured server.

How about Libya?  Benghazi never happened according to Mrs. Clinton who boldly claimed that no lives were lost in Libya.  Even the writers at the Washington Post cringed when she uttered those words.  Not only did she insult the memories of the Americans lost defending the clandestine CIA outpost, she added salt to the wounds of their survivors who she had previously lied to in order to cover the illegal gunrunning operation that went wrong.

Mrs. Clinton’s contention that ISIS is, “praying to Allah” for a Trump victory is equally ridiculous.  Does she really believe that her policies towards the terrorist organization have done anything to hurt them?  They have grown into an international franchise under the watch of Clinton and President Obama aided by the supply of weapons, money, and the creation of power vacuums in multiple regions of the Middle East. 

It defies credulity that ISIS would prefer a change of policy when things are going so well for them, especially when Trump has promised to let the generals develop the plan to crush the terrorist organization.  Mrs. Clinton must believe that videos of dead ISIS members will be a real aid in recruiting new jihadists.  That would explain her reluctance to unleash our military on them from the beginning.

It’s become apparent that Mrs. Clinton has no means of explaining her past other than to deny and to lie as Donald Trump strips away the carefully constructed veneer that the mainstream media has permitted her to hide behind.

Mrs. Clinton has come to rely on the mainstream media to obscure the truth as they have obediently excused her obfuscations and lies by reporting half-truths to support her claims in the past.

However, considering that the MSM’s original reporting was totally fabricated in support of Hillary’s lies, they cannot very well cite Hillary’s latest lies, that contradict her original lies, as the truth at this point.

If this strategy is indeed the one that Mrs. Clinton has settled on, with two months left until the election, and more email revelations on the horizon, her candidacy is about to enter free fall.