Clinton Shamed: Cancels Ad Buy

ELDER PATRIOT – Rahm Emanuel infamously said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

This strategy resulted in Americans accepting the “too big to fail” mantra that both political parties repeated ad nauseum after the last financial crisis that created the public’s acceptance of Dodd-Frank.  The voluminous bill, that no one ever read, resulted in the creation of even larger corporate entities and banking institutions with greatly increased market shares and the increased ability to exert even greater control over our daily lives.

To the politically craven Hillary Clinton, Hurricane Matthew presented an opportunity to advance acceptance of the threat of man-made global warming.  The strategy behind the global warming scare is to create another level of taxation on the use of energy that will be built into every product that you buy.  The left, that can never get enough of your money, advances this con even though scientists agree that if we returned to living in huts we wouldn’t be able to move the temperature but a fraction of a degree even if their carbon-reducing strategies were fully implemented.

The political opportunists running Hillary Clinton’s campaign had a huge ad buy along the east coast of Florida planned to run simultaneously with the expected landfall of Hurricane Matthew.  Their message was intended for the people who were most emotionally vulnerable and therefore would be susceptible to Clinton’s claim that Matthew was a result of man-made global warming.  It’s a scam she can’t stop pressing because she has little else to campaign on aside from scaring America’s diverse demographics so as to pit them against joining together for the common good of all.

The campaign was hoping to use the Act of God in a craven effort to deflect voters’ attention in the important battleground state from the growing revelations of her personal scandals and Donald Trump’s substantive policy discussions while campaigning that have exposed Mrs. Clinton’s overwhelmingly unpopular policy positions that she has proposed or promised to continue. 

But the plan was scrapped when Eric Trump spoke with Ohio radio talk show host Bob Frantz and highlighted that Mrs. Clinton scheduled ad buy was the act of a “typical politician” trying to capitalize on the misfortune of others.

The younger Trump added, “I’m a guy who, maybe in a certain crazy way, believes in karma.  There’s something pretty evil and sick about that if you ask me.”

Mrs. Clinton decided to pull back the commercials after Eric Trump’s criticism most likely because the contrast of her televised diatribe from a studio bunker would not play well against the video of Donald Trump personally distributing emergency supplies to the survivors in need of immediate assistance.

Be assured there was no altruistic motivation behind her decision.  It was motivated by political calculation, pure and simple.