CIVIL WAR ALERT: Chicago Opens Door to Foreign Troops

Elder Patriot – Many of us have been warning that sanctuary cities are nothing more launching pads for a Democrat-led Marxist separatist movement in the United States.  For our efforts we have been labeled fake news.  Not so fast, my friends.

This past Thursday, WBBM, the CBS affiliate in Chicago reported that Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin traveled from Chicago to New York to meet with the U.N. Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support, Oscar Fernandez-Taranco of Argentina.

While at O’Hare International Airport some reporters caught up with Boykin.  What he said confirms the warnings we made in June of 2016.

“I’m hoping to appeal to the U.N. to actually come to Chicago and meet with victims of violence, and maybe even possibly help out in terms of peacekeeping efforts, because I think it’s so critical for us to make sure that these neighborhoods are safe.” 

WAT?  Clearly Boykin, like every other Democrat today, believes we are living in post-Constitutional times.

Nowhere does the Constitution give any elected official – or any private citizen for that matter – the authority to quarter foreign troops on U.S. soil.  If anything, the presence of foreign military personnel within our borders qualifies as an act of war requiring the President to be responsible for their immediate removal.

CBS Chicago quoted Boykin as placing the responsibility on the elected leaders in Chicago and Cook County who have failed to protect many communities from violent crime and reiterated his appeal for bringing a foreign military force to U.S. soil:

“There is a quiet genocide taking place in too many of our communities. Eighty percent of those who are being killed by gun violence are African American, and often killed at the hands of another African American,” he said. “So we must protect these population groups, and that’s what the United Nations does. They’re a peacekeeping force. They know all about keeping the peace, and so we’re hopeful that they’ll hear our appeal.”

Boykin made one remark, however, that belied his contention that foreign troops would be the answer when he told the reporter from WBBM that Chicago must “utilize every avenue” available to protect its people from gun violence.

Boykin was flat out lying when he said that.  They haven’t done everything because they want to use their city as a test case for welcoming U.N. troops as an invading army.

President Trump has made repeated requests to send the National Guard to help policing efforts that have been repeatedly rebuffed by Chicago Mayor, and former Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel.

History shows us that local police forces and each state’s National Guard have proven more than capable of quelling civil unrest within their communities when they’ve called upon to do so and there is nothing to suggest that might no longer be the case.

So what gives?

For the answer we begin by looking back to Obama’s campaign decree that “We cannot continue to rely on our military alone in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

This smacked of calling a modern version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts and scared the bejeezus out of clear thinking patriots with knowledge of history.  Presidents do not get to build their own police force.

When Obama found that he was blocked from doing that didn’t stop him.

He used the incredible funding power of the U.S. government, the Department of Justice, and the IRS code to build an activist network of subversive groups.

If this doesn’t raise the hair on your neck then be aware that Antifa, BLM, and many radical and violent pro-immigration anarchist organizations were founded and funded by Obama’s network of donors.  And, let us not forget Obama’s use of the IRS to punish “extremist” groups like the Tea Party Patriots.

There were also Obama’s frequent references of the radical right that signaled his intentions to marginalize Constitutional patriots. 

If you’re still not uncomfortable with the direction Obama was moving then recall that on September 28, 2015 Obama’s Justice Department announced the launch of the Strong Cities Network, a pact with the U.N. that gave him the authority to bring foreign troops to police our cities and towns to “strengthen community resilience against violent extremism.” 

This gave him the power to determine which groups or persons represented a threat of violent extremism and which groups didn’t something he had made abundantly clear throughout his imperial presidency.

Before you dismiss this as the work of an overactive mind consider this United Nations job listing in mid-summer 2014 calling for the Duty Station to be in New York City:

“The U.N. defines “disarmament” as “the collection, documentation, control and disposal of small arms, ammunition, explosives and light and heavy weapons from combatants and often from the civilian population.”

Keep in mind this was happening while Obama was making repeated attempts to usher the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) through the Senate for ratification.

Obama was still not finished.  In late May of 2016 he signed an order allowing him to authorize a government takeover of the U.S. in the event of a national emergency or civil unrest. 

Nowhere does the Constitution give such wide-ranging power to the federal government.  In fact, the Tenth Amendment explicitly denies it.

This week’s suggestion by Richard Boykin should not be dismissed without due consideration of the consequences that would accompany such an un-Constitutional act.

Obama spent his presidency spewing hateful and divisive rhetoric specifically to instigate racial division between Americans. 

After eight years of America’s first Divider in Chief, America is splintering into government orchestrated social and economic decay.

We must never allow foreign troops or international organizations to decide America’s policies or fate.  They have no place on U.S. soil and I would hope that if Chicago, or any other city, tries to invite them here they are met with stiff resistance as an invading force by our military.

And, if not by them, then by America’s 100 million gun owners.

We either stand steadfast in defense of our Constitutional right to self-defense or we are likely to find ourselves abandoned and alone in a time of need as the Second Amendment-deprived citizens of Chicago now find themselves.

Americans should be very concerned about this.