Chinese State Media: Wuhan Coronavirus Is A Tool To Beat Trump

“As we speak, Beijing is employing a whole-of-government approach using political, economic, and military tools, as well as propaganda to advance its influence and benefit its interest in the United States.  China is also applying this power in more proactive ways than ever before…” Vice President Mike Pence speech to Hudson Institute, Oct. 4, 2018  

The question for Americans, whose rights have been stripped from them under the guise of fighting the Wuhanvirus, is this truly a short term attempt to protect us from the virus that originated in Wuhan China, or was it pre-planned for political gain? (Go Deep)

This isn’t our first go round with a virus that originated in China…

(Fox News) The first recorded case of something amiss was noted in November 2002 by health officials in Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province, the presumed origin of the new pathogen. But it was not until more than three months later – in mid-February 2003 — that China’s leadership reported a new virus to WHO, acknowledging that there had already been 300 cases and five known deaths of the new disease.

Just as evidence is starting to unfold of a Beijing cover-up, the Communist Party (CCP) leadership – then under President Hu Jintao – was similarly accused of hiding information, and the World Health Organization (WHO) was also skewered for inaction.

You actually have to look away to avoid seeing all of the reasons both the communist Chinese and America’s Democrats could use this to advance their political objectives.

For both the CCP and Democrats, Trump’s economic successes represent an exponential threat to either’s long term power… especially exposing the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee’s financial ties to the communist Chinese.

The malfeasance of the Chinese communists was discussed here

Now this breaking story from National Pulse…

(National Pulse) China Global Television Network (CGTN) issued a nearly six-minute video entitled “Can COVID-19 beat populism?” in which the Chinese Communist Party-run network leverages the coronavirus as “another straw on the camel’s back to expose [Trump’s] hollow politics.”