China Begins Targeting Blacks… Use Coronavirus to Strip Them of Access to Food and Lodging… Democrats and Mainstream Media Allies Silent

Multiple accounts coming out of China paint an especially ugly picture of rampant racism against blacks, apparently by official decree of the government.

(Associated Press) African officials are confronting China publicly and in private over racist mistreatment of Africans in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, and the U.S. says African-Americans have been targeted too.

Some Africans in the commercial hub have reported being evicted or discriminated against amid coronavirus fears. And a U.S. Embassy security alert on Saturday said that “police ordered bars and restaurants not to serve clients who appear to be of African origin,” and local officials have launched mandatory testing and self-quarantine for “anyone with ‘African contacts.’”

Some? Strip the varnish away and the story gets uglier…

( African residents of Guangzhou, southern China, reportedly found themselves sleeping on the street this week as renters arbitrarily evicted them, hotels banned them, and restaurants refused to serve them food.

The Africans – many businessmen, students, and others from places like Nigeria, Kenya, and Zimbabwe – say they are also being subject to arbitrary coronavirus testing and still shunned when they test negative. Many have spent years in China without leaving, unlike their Chinese neighbors, making the Communist Party’s explanation that travelers from abroad require more isolation and testing to prevent “imported” cases of Chinese coronavirus not applicable…

… many Chinese in Guangzhou are blaming Africans from the Chinese virus. Multiple outlets, citing locals in Guangzhou, reported that the government has begun arbitrary Chinese coronavirus testing of black people and ordered restaurants and other service businesses not to serve black people. Many who were tested say they are not giving any results, so they have no idea if they are coronavirus carriers. Others say they are told they tested negative, but are still forced into what amounts to house arrest – and note that the Chinese of Guangzhou are not facing similar treatment.

“I’ve been sleeping under the bridge for four days with no food to eat … I cannot buy food anywhere, no shops or restaurants will serve me,” Tony Mathias, an Ugandan student, told Agence France-Presse (AFP) in an article published Saturday. “We’re like beggars on the street.”

Guess who we haven’t heard from.  Not a freakin’ peep from Democrats who, otherwise, are always the first to denigrate America’s treatment of Blacks.  Funny that…

… it should be noted that Blacks in the United States have the highest standard of living here than anywhere else on earth.

Once again, the disingenuous left wing of American politics prove, by their actions, that the only time color matters is when it can be used to divide the American people and to undermine our country’s greatness.

Or are Democrats’ actions just the result of decades of the communist Chinese purchasing compromise over them?