In the Cesspool That is Washington D.C. it Bought the Clintons Immunity and a Possible Eight More Years in the White House

Shortly after gaining control of the levers of government 900 FBI files went missing. The files eventually turned up in possession of then First Lady Hillary Clinton. The incident became known as Filegate.

Those files contained information on the highest-ranking members of government including members of the House and Senate. That knowledge was largely responsible for President Clinton surviving his impeachment trial when senators sitting in judgment of him were privately confronted with personally incriminating intelligence.

For the rest of us this is known as extortion. Sadly, in Washington D.C. it’s the way business is conducted.

Having always understood the value of incriminating information, the Clintons doubled down on the gathering of it from that point forward.

That became evident when Chief Justice John Roberts rewrote the Obamacare law in order to give himself the slightest avenue to justify his deciding vote in favor of it. His decision, and especially the unheard of move of rewriting the law from the bench, cut against everything that Roberts had previously stood for.

Judicial Watch’s Larry Klayman explained to investigative reporter Aaron Klein:

“Every aspect of Americans’ lives is being accessed and monitored by the government.”

“It’s not just telephone metadata that’s being monitored,” he alleged. “They’re also listening to the content, that’s come out in recent weeks.

“I’m a lawyer. I have an attorney-client privilege, and I can no longer talk to my clients on the telephone and expect that there’s any confidentiality. It changes the whole nature of how you operate.

“We also know that the NSA and CIA – as Communist China, as Russia can do, as any sophisticated country – they can turn your cell phone on anytime and listen to you. And they do.”

Remember that national healthcare had been Hillary’s baby during her husband’s first term and as the U.S. Senator from New York she did everything in her power to make certain it passed when her fellow Democrats held power. Her role in gaining Roberts “sympathy” to this legislation has not been reported in the mainstream media.

Again yesterday, the Clintons’ “knowledge” of the players became evident when FBI Director James Comey, who by all accounts is a straight shooter, resorted to delivering a Solomon-like statement that provided Hillary with the cover her spin machine needed to continue her campaign but that also provided Mrs. Clinton’s critics with a “ready-made attack ad,’ as the NY Times acknowledged in an article by Patrick Healy


“Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is built on the premise that she has the national security experience and well-honed instincts to keep Americans safe in the age of terrorism.


Yet in just a few minutes of remarks, Mr. Comey called into question Mrs. Clinton’s claims of superiority more memorably, mightily and effectively than Mr. Trump has over the entire past year. And with potentially lasting consequences.”

Comey spent fourteen minutes blasting Mrs. Clinton explaining how she violated the Espionage Act but resorted to excusing her extreme negligence (the law’s threshold) with the term extreme carelessness instead. Comey then added that no intent could be determined on the part of Mrs. Clinton.

Under § 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information of the Espionage Act: there is no threshold of intent to be in violation, the prosecution only has to meet the standard that the violator knew or should have known. There is no question Mrs. Clinton knew what she was doing.

On top of that the FBI Director laid out a clear case against Mrs. Clinton for perjury for having lied under oath about everything from the existence of the personal server, to having turned over all of her emails upon order of the court – even though it is known that more than half are still unaccounted for, to lying about the confidential and classified nature of the content of her emails, to how many devices she had used for her emails during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Yet Director Comey somehow concluded, “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” so he would not be making a referral to indict to Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Immediately seasoned prosecutors from both sides of the political aisle challenged Comey’s assertion that they wouldn’t have gone forward to seek an indictment. Even Clinton supporter and apologist Doug Schoen said, “It is a dark day for criminal justice, I say that as a Democrat. Certainly, given what Comey said a grand jury should’ve been empaneled to further hear the facts.”

A review of the related events over the past week can leave no doubt that the fix was in:

June 27: In violation of the law and the ethics behind the law Bill Clinton goes out of his way to meet with Loretta Lynch on her government airplane. Subjects of investigations, persons who may become a subject of an investigation, or witnesses in an investigation are strictly prohibited from having contact with jurors or judges in pending cases. Bill Clinton knows this rule but he obviously saw a benefit to helping the Attorney General organize her thoughts.

Maybe Clinton discussed the case to the extent that he secured A.G. Lynch’s assurance that she’d go along with Director Comey’s recommendation.

Then again maybe the Democratic Party’s Godfather mere presence made any conversation unnecessary:

June 29: Attorney General Lynch says that she’ll follow whatever recommendation the FBI director makes.

July 2: The FBI does Mrs. Clinton a favor by conducting her interview when no one is watching and the media are elsewhere.

July 2: Mrs. Clinton’s minions float the idea of keeping Loretta Lynch on as attorney general under a Clinton administration sending a very public message to Lynch that her cooperation will be rewarded.

July 4. After only two days to review discrepancies in Mrs. Clinton’s testimony Director Comey begins writing his speech to be delivered the following morning.

July 5: Comey refuses to make a referral to indict clearing the way for Hillary to campaign on the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that is wasting the public’s money and her time.

July 5: Clinton and Obama immediately fly off on Air Force One to campaign together something very suspect unless the president knew Comey’s decision in advance.

July 5: Both Clinton and Obama flaunt their immunity from the laws that the rest of us are subject to by using Air Force One for campaign purposes in clear violation of FEC law. Remember, Mrs. Clinton has not been a part of the government in any capacity since the end of January 2013, over three years ago.

When the Constitution was written the Framers intended to protect the people from the government. Comey’s decision yesterday has emboldened future government Oligarchs to now see the application of the law as a means of protecting the Ruling Class from the people.

At the end of the day it’s quite possible that FBI Director Comey believed himself to be in a no-win situation so he made the decision to leave it to the American people to resolve Clinton’s fate this coming November. Frankly, had he recommended indictment, the Democrats could’ve decided to replace Mrs. Clinton at the top of their ticket with a less flawed and considerably more palatable candidate. It’s possible that he didn’t want to be the one to decide a presidential election.

It’s also possible that since there will be no indictment a President Trump could choose to re-open the many areas of violations that Comey chose to ignore but that he clearly laid the groundwork for yesterday.

All of this leaves Mrs. Clinton banking on the Democrat Zombie Apocalypse as her only path to victory. Without the party’s blind and mindless sycophants she has no chance of winning a fair election. She will now be more reliant than ever on the willingness of the mainstream media to continue selling her spin and alibis to the public. And, she will be forced to spend up to two billion dollars on media advertising in her attempt to recast her public image into something, anything, more acceptable.

Americans have been given the chance to be the last ones to turn out the lights on this sordid episode. This makes the decision as close to the Framer’s ideals of self-governance as we may ever again witness.

Whether they choose to turn those lights out on the Clintons for their long history of corruption or on what’s left of our republic and our national sovereignty will decide the fate of future generations and of our once great country for eternity.