CBS Releases Post SOTU Flash Poll – Democrats Crushed

Elder Patriot – President Trump spoke directly to America last night and, absent the filter of the mainstream media matrix to twist his words, scored off-the-board incredibly high marks.

In a series of tweets that CBS News posted following Trump’s State of the Union address, it was made obvious that President Trump scored big.

The CBS-YouGov instant poll was based on 1,178 respondents who had viewed the speech.  The poll was clearly devastating to Democrats whose phony policy positions were exposed by the straight-talking blue-collar billionaire who insists on putting America First, always and in all ways.

Check these tweets out for yourself.  Once the poll was concluded the bad news just kept rolling for in for Dems:

Trump’s base now appears impenetrable after a review of last year and where he wants to take the country this year.  Making the bad news for Dems even worse is that 72% of Independents approved.  Dems barely held onto 57% of their own misguided sycophant followers.

Following decades of lip service Trump’s direct approach to defining our enemies and his method of handling them is scoring high marks with voters.  Sadly, for Democrats that includes building the wall.

Overall, Trump’s uplifting message that together we can overcome anything was met with the approval of 3 in 4 Americans.  We may never know what the other 25% heard.

The president wanted to deliver a message of unity and he succeeded yugely!

Fully 86% saw no downside to the president’s proposals.

The news promises to only get better for President Trump this week when he orders the release of the memo outlining the Obama administration’s abuses within the DOJ and FBI.