Catfight! Marxist AOC Calls Successful Businesswoman Ivanka Trump Unqualified to Participate in Job-Creating Negotiations After Killing 25,000 Jobs by Herself

Elder Patriot | The former unemployed (unemployable?) bartender, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has now turned her vicious attacks on another accomplished capitalist, Ivanka Trump.

The job-killing communist who was elected by a small cadre of low-IQ voters in an otherwise ultra-low turnout election, set her talons on the former Executive Vice President of the highly successful Trump Organization who, unlike AOC is both smart and beautiful.

Ms. Trump also built an international company of which she was the president.  

Unlike Ocasio-Cortez who, until her election, couldn’t couldn’t hold a job, Ivanka Trump created hundreds, if not thousands of jobs before agreeing to a massive pay reduction to help her father rejuvenate the faltering American economy.

Not only couldn’t AOC keep a job, she is credited with leading the fight against Amazon that resulted in 25,000 lost jobs for her constituents and those constituents of fellow Democrat Carolyn Maloney’s neighboring district.

Now the darling of America’s Marxist media, AOC has arrogantly decided to attack Ivanka Trump: 

Being the president’s daughter may not qualify her for an important position but being accomplished in her own right does, and being related to the president shouldn’t disqualify her either.  Waiting for AOC to similarly trash Michelle Obama.

What’s really behind AOC’s rant?  This:

Ivanka Trump was part of the U.S. negotiating team that was the only country planning to bring a negotiating team composed entirely of females to the G-20.

During the global event in Osaka, Japan, Ivanka Trump represented the U.S. in meetings with leaders from China, Japan, Russia, India and Australia, the South China Morning Post reported.

While AOC promotes social justice policies, on behalf of the hate-America communist movement, that would kill job opportunities for U.S. citizens, Ivanka and her father continue delivering on their promised economic rebirth and new jobs for those same people.

To her credit, Ivanka refrained from getting down in the mud with the freshman representative.  Instead, she took the high road, ignoring AOC and focusing attention on her amazing accomplishments: