Carroll Boston Correll Jr. Believes He and 1236 Other Political Apparatchiks Should Have the Right to Appoint the Next President

ELDER PATRIOT – Virginian Carroll Boston (Beau) Correll wormed his way into becoming a delegate to the Republican Nation Convention.  In that capacity he has promised to support the candidate who the voters of Virginia have chosen.  He asked for and was granted the privilege of representing the voters at the convention understanding that obligation and that, only in the event no candidate were to achieve the necessary majority and the convention became contested could he exercise his free will. 

But Beau considers himself better than the rest of us and he has decided that voting for Donald Trump isn’t something he can bring himself to do.  So what does this elitist schmuck do?

Instead of stepping aside and letting someone else take his place he’s decided his vote is more important than the votes of more than a million other Virginians and is suing the State of Virginia in U.S. District Court so that he may ignore the result of the statewide primary election.  This is the very definition of the term elitist. 

Correll’s complaint is based on the First Amendment right to free speech that he contends gives him the right to vote his conscience when he arrives at the convention.  But, presumably Mr. Correll voted his conscience in the primary election on March 1st of this year making his argument moot at this time.  He is now asking for a second bite at the apple only this time with the court’s blessing of enhanced super voting powers.

Having failed to help his preferred candidate cross the finish line in the primary, Mr. Correll is asking the court to disenfranchise over 83% of the voters who supported candidates other than the one Mr. Correll favors. 

As the Brits just told the Elites in Brussels, too bad asshole, elections have meaning.