Cancel Culture is Total Cop-Out… Uses Positive Media Coverage to Take Page From Dems’ Playbook…

In a recent article, columnist Phil Mushnick of the New York Post related his view of cancel culture that is currently threatening to destroy what’s left of our civil society.  It’s a much needed contrarian view at this time…

(NY Post) Finally, reader Tom Fox asks us to recall April 1976, when Dodgers outfielder Rick Monday ran down two protesters to rescue the American flag they were trying to burn. What, asks Fox, do we suppose the reaction to that would be if it happened today?

I’m afraid America would be divided between celebrating Monday as a patriot and condemning him as a suspected fascist and racist. Even if he did apologize.

Cancel culture is total cop-out

So shortly after a statue of a Texas Ranger — the lawman, not a ballplayer — was removed as racially insensitive, the TV show “Cops” was lost to the PC after 32 years.

The New York Times reported that the show was “criticized for glorifying cops,” which it often did, especially those who risked their lives for their communities.

A few years ago, I interviewed the co-creator of “Cops,” John Langley, who acknowledged that the show has been attacked for including so many minority suspects. 

He said he wished it were different, but that he doesn’t have the blessing of foresight to choose the suspected criminals in advance.

The most unforgettable, powerful “Cops” episode I saw was of a black cop, one of dozens featured on the show, demanding that a burglary suspect comply with his order to halt. Clearly seen on the cop’s vest camera, the suspect, a black man, whirled and pumped four bullets into the cop.

The officer was bleeding out until white cops arrived to stanch the blood, encourage him to remain conscious and save his life.

Meanwhile, the wife of the cop, following the shooting on a police scanner, called to hysterically beg her husband to hang in there, “Don’t die!”

The officer, after months of rehab, returned to the force and was interviewed. He said he made a near-fatal mistake by allowing the perpetrator to get the jump on him.

Yes, “Cops” often glorified cops, often those who earned it the hard way.

There should be no confusion how this has come to pass.  The mainstream media has given race hucksters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan passes for more than three decades.  

Even more than that, these race-baiting charlatans were elevated by the media to be apostles of the truth.

We were constantly bombarded with messages telling us our institutions were inherently racist… and we were evil too.  Admittedly people can be evil, we are seeing that now, but institutions are only what people make of them.

Black Lives Matter has become an institution… a terrorist organization… though no political leader dares label them as such…

Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon… 

What do we want? Dead cops!  

When do we want them?  Now!

Instead, the media elevates the Black Lives Matter movement and their more militant arm, the New Black Panther Party as righteous social justice warriors

That demonstrated power of the media, the power to convince us that up is down and down is up, goes along way to explaining  how the party that freed the slaves, elected the first 18 black U.S. representatives, passed the Civil Rights Act, and fought and died in the Civil War for the rights of black people to be free – the Republican Party has been labeled as racist.

Watching today’s Marxist media craft its pro-BLM, pro-Antifa narrative provides insight into how they convinced America that Democrats, who fought to maintain slavery and refused blacks the right to vote with Jim Crow laws, can now be viewed as champions of protecting blacks.

Here’s another thing that Democrats have in common with BLM…

After more than five decades of often uninterrupted Democrat control, blacks living in our inner cities should wake up to these facts.