Calling John Bolton as a Witness Will Expose His Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Viktor Pinchuck

Democrats, led by Marxist inquisitor Adam Schiff insist that all roads lead to Russia.  After four years of heavily funded and intense investigations, including by the FBI and a special counsel, no evidence to support Schiff’s allegations has been found.

Schiff continues insisting Trump is joined at the hip with Vladimir Putin and Russia.  To the less informed, Schiff’s intransigence would seem to be rooted in a psychotic inability to give up chasing his tail.

That’s not the case.  Schiff is desperate to prevent the Democrats’ corruption in conjunction with the former Ukrainian government and a Ukrainian Oligarch and, except for the long debunked Russia narrative, Schiff is out of bullets.

Viktor  Pinchuk is the Ukrainian Oligarch who bought the fealty of members of the Washington swamp who could advance his personal agenda.

Pinchuk, owns Interpipe, a company that supplied the specialized steel to Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions while Hillary Clinton was Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

The Washington Post reported that Pinchuk donated in excess of $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.

The highly-specialized steel is necessary for building enrichment centrifuges.  The shipments were corroborated by Ukrainian officials and reported by left-leaning Newsweek. 

Signing off on Iran receiving specialized steel to move further towards the development of nuclear capability would be just one additional sellout of American military superiority by the Clintons.

Then-President Bill Clinton sold missile and nuclear secrets (or, let them steal it) to China.

As Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton signed off on selling Uranium to Russia.  She also oversaw the transfer of military technology to Skolkovo, Russia’s version of our Silicon Valley.

Obama has been, at best, sketchy about his relations with Putin.

China – Russia – Iran.  The trifecta of international tyranny.  All beneficiaries of the Obama administration.

Meanwhile Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump for holding up $391 million in aid to Ukraine, because he waited to see evidence that previously corrupt players in Kiev would not swallow this tranche of American taxpayer’s money.

Schiff has relied on the corrupt mainstream media to carry his fake narrative.

Trump never held up the lethal aid (Javelin anti-tank missiles) necessary for Ukraine to defend itself against Russian tanks.  

Worse, the media, refuses to report that Obama was the one who did Putin’s bidding by sending blankets instead of Javelins.

All of this brings us to John Bolton.  According to the Washington Post, John Bolton pocketed $115,000 from Ukrainian steel oligarch Viktor Pinchuk’s foundation shortly before entering President Donald Trump’s White House as national security adviser.

Hopefully, there’s still one patriotic senator who will ask Bolton about how he can justify taking that payment from Pinchuk as the incoming National Security Adviser.  

Claiming not to know about about Pinchuk’s payments to the Clinton Foundation, and Mrs. Clinton’s approval of Interpipe’s shipments to Iran won’t cut it for a man entrusted with our national security… unless he wanted to start WWIII.  

Democrats used to hate John Bolton.  

Bring on John Bolton.