California Republican Takes Over Calexit – May Leave Coastal Elites Powerless

ELDER PATRIOT – Polling expert Gerry Gunster and former California Republican Assemblyman Scott Baugh had enough of the whining crybaby Democrat elites in their state who decided they’re going to secede from the United States because Donald Trump was elected president.

Gunster and Baugh put their heads together and decided that if the elites bolted they weren’t dragging the whole state, especially the agricultural and conservative eastern half of the state, with them.

The pair recruited Brexit architects Nigel Farage and Aaron Banks as consultants to help develop a plan.  So far they’ve raised $1MM dollars in seed money to kick things off.

The plan is to split California into two states with the new eastern and more conservative state gaining two senators as well as peeling off a significant number of House members.

It’s likely that the remaining coastal state will continue to command the largest block of electoral votes than any other state but it would not come close to doubling the electoral impact of the next largest states as California does now. 

It would also mean that the largest portion of California’s land mass would become a new state and that region’s millions of residents would finally be out from under the oppressive governance of the coastal elite and they would be free to grow their economy and restore personal liberty.

Farage and Banks, who have earned the nickname the “Bad Boys of Brexit,” know a thing or two about how this form of referendum can be successfully executed, and Gunster has an impressive track record himself having helped win 30 state referendums here in America while also having predicted the EU vote within .01 per cent when the so-called experts had predicted “remain” would win decisively.

They say watch what you wish for.  California Democrats who called California’s exit during a hissy fit over our nation’s political right turn may now be facing a more moderate referendum that will leave them even more powerless in the future.