California Governor Makes It Official: Democratic Leader Tells Middle Class to Go To Hell

ELDER PATRIOT – During the 2016 campaign it started to become clear that the Democratic Party had abandoned hardworking middle-class Americans in favor of forging a coalition of blacks who are content living on urban plantations, gays who are prepared to live side-by-side with sharia-adherent Muslims, and immigrants – legal and illegal.  Hillary Clinton went so far as to label America’s middle-class workers “Deplorables” kicking them to the curb after enjoying decades of their loyalty.

Donald Trump seized upon the Democrats’ decision to jettison this core group of loyal Americans to court the vote of enough of them to be elected president.  Trump sympathized with them by calling them the “Forgotten men and women” and won them over with a promise they would be forgotten no longer.

In the Democrats’ desire to remake America into a diminished country their open cynicism towards Middle America cost them the election.  The voters didn’t just reject the message from Hillary they stripped the Democrats of 900 other seats up and down the ballot.

The leftwing pundits have many excuses to explain the defeat – the Russians stole the election, fake news, and Hillary was a horrible candidate – but the truth is they lost because Trump ripped the veil off their platform and voters saw Hillary and the Democrats for who they are.

Anyone who thinks this is an inaccurate indictment of either the Democrats or that it was only their candidate who’s message was misinterpreted, only has to look at California and Democratic Governor Jerry Brown’s decision, in the face of mounting budgetary pressures, to cut state scholarships to the state’s middle class college students in order to preserve scholarships for illegals. 

Brown’s statement to the middle class, “screw off.”  For what it’s worth, Brown did stop short of calling them deplorable.

This comes on the heels of Brown openly stating that he is considering declaring California a sanctuary state in defiance of not only President Trump and federal law, but of his state’s hardworking taxpayers.

Trump has threatened to cut off federal funding to any city or state that defies federal immigration and enforcement laws.  Brown’s devotion to the immigrant portion of the Democrats’ new coalition puts him in direct conflict with his state’s middle class taxpayers who will be forced to pick up the tab for them because of their governor’s lawlessness.

Essentially, with California billions of dollars in debt, Brown will be funding the education of illegal aliens by borrowing from future generations of Californians.  The result will be that the children of those middle class students funding their own education today will be picking up the tab for the illegal alien sitting in the same classroom as their parents are today.

From this middle class writer’s point of view this makes Governor Brown the Deplorable one.  Of course as a selfish middle-aged white man I have no right to voice this opinion.

Thanks to Donald Trump the Democrats’ were forced to declare their commitment to a coalition whose members presented a direct threat to the pocketbook of America’s hardworking middle class and to the culture they embrace and that they want their children to embrace. 

Hillary and the Democrats had hoped everyone would forget about them.  Donald Trump didn’t and because of that the Republican Party is now positioned to crush the world Marxist movement and restore Americans’ lost prosperity.  It’s now up to Congress to prove these newly minted Republicans will never again be forgotten.