Cal State LA Institutes Separate Water Fountains For Blacks

ELDER PATRIOT –  Okay not quite yet but the way things are going separate water fountains can’t be far off.  But where colleges were once the leaders in integrating people of all races, faiths, and beliefs they are now reversing course in a big way.

Get a load of what California State University Los Angeles recently implemented at the behest of the school’s Black Student Union – segregated housing for black students!

When I left for college almost 50 years ago my parents advised me to be prepared to meet people of all races from around the world and to make an attempt to understand and accept their differing opinions.  It was to be a time for learning and expanding my worldview.

Apparently that is no longer case as blacks are deliberately denying there is any value to them of the free and open exchange of competing viewpoints.  Instead they are resorting to claiming the slightest challenge to their worldview is a “racist attack.”  They do this under the guise of labeling anything they may disagree with a “racially insensitive remark” and/or a “microaggression.”

Incredibly Cal State LA isn’t the first school to create a segregated environment for black students.  Uconn, UC Davis and Berkeley actually beat them to it.

The Black Student Union at Cal State LA also demanded a $30 million dollar scholarship endowment to aid black students, three new black faculty counselors, a new anti-discrimination policy and cultural competency course for faculty and students, and finally, a meeting with the president for them to discuss the “fulfillment and implementation of each demand,” according to

How in the world can this possibly benefit the intellectual development of those students who choose to live in these units and please tell the taxpayers why they should be funding these students who are demanding the retarding of their own development?  Who in the world will hire these crybabies when they enter the real world where their racial myopia will put limitations on their ability to work in an integrated team environment?

The schools involved simply don’t have the cojones to stand up to these schizophrenic Black Student Unions who are alternatively militantly ferocious in their demands and then morph into poor darlings who just can’t bare to hear anything resembling the truth about their own responsibility for their community’s condition.

All of the schools involved know that their acquiescence to these demands was wrong and would be met with derision.  That explains why their websites offer little in the way of explanation and they are refusing to return reporters calls to explain the rational behind this decision.