Bwahahahahaha. The Parade of Egocentric Freaks at the DNC Continues: Obama Refers to Himself 119 Times in Speech About Hillary Clinton!

ELDER PATRIOT – According to Grabien News ( that kept a tally last night, President Obama used his primetime speech to tout…Obama!  You expected something different from the Egotist in Chief?

The people at Grabien explained how they arrived at this staggering number of personal references by our egocentric president, “we included mentions of ‘we’ when he was clearly including himself as part of the plural pronoun; the many uses of ‘we’ in referring to America at large were not included. ‘Me,’ “myself,” ‘our’ and his third-person reference to ‘a half Kenyan grandson,’ were also included.” 

Obama has spent his entire presidency in campaign mode against the failure of the government he has headed for the past seven and a half years.  Now Hillary Clinton wants to continue running against that system in the same fashion as the person she wants to succeed. 

It’s not a bad campaign plan as long as the low information voters continue buying it.

This plan became overtly clear when the convention opened with a black choir singing the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”  That set the tone for the parade of disenfranchised “citizens of the world that followed the next three days and nights.

The Democrats had criticized Donald Trump for painting a “dark” picture of America after his speech to the RNC, but they have made Trump look like a mindless cheerleader for our country by comparison.  Virtually all of those who were invited to address the audience railed against inequality in our society.

How can that be?  They had owned the White House for two presidential terms.  As the National Review reported, “even liberal black broadcaster Tavis Smiley has criticized Obama for this. As Smiley told HuffPost Live’s Alyona Minkovski, ‘Sadly — and it pains me to say this — over the last decade, black folk, in the era of Obama, have lost ground in every major economic category.’”

As Obama’s presidency enters its home stretch the only thing blacks can celebrate is the concurrent suffering of the middle class that has accompanied their own downfall.  It apparently escapes them that they had once aspired to be a part of that same middle class..

Now Hillary is running the same campaign raging against a government that she has been apart of since 1992 without solving or alleviating any of these problems for the black people she claims she represents.  Logic demands concluding that she doesn’t give a damn about their plight or else she has failed terribly at doing government.

Now she’s promising four more years of Obama’s destructive economic policies that have seen black family’s median income drop from more than $37,000 before Obama took office to slightly over $34,000 today.  Those blacks who take solace in the fall of the middle class as a means of evening some imaginary score with white America have learned a hard lesson in the process, their diminished incomes during eight years rising living costs has left them far worse off.

You might think that they’d learn, at some point, to join the American dreamers that pursue the rising economic tide that lifts everyone’s boat.  We must never lose hope that those who succumb to the siren’s call of public dependency eventually come to the conclusion that their road to hell was paved by class envy. 

But, no, for now they appear prepared to double down on Hillary Clinton and her promise to continue down the economic path that President Obama has failed their community so tragically by pursuing.

Or, maybe they should ask how another black person, Barack Obama was able to grow his net worth by 32.3% annually – from $1.3 million to $12.2 million – while working full time in service to the American people during the period from 2008 until today.

Mrs. Clinton managed to grow her net worth over those same eight years by $100 million and that doesn’t take into account the Clinton’s $2 billion slush fund that she uses as her person hedge fund, the Clinton Global Initiative.

Seriously, will blacks content themselves being down for the struggle for eternity or, will they finally awaken to the uplifting possibilities that capitalism and self-reliance offer them?