Bwahaha: Trump Lets Pelosi Embarrass Herself… Again – Then Wins Wall Funding From Congress!

The most likely Democrat choice for Speaker of the incoming House is Nancy Pelosi.  She has proven to be no match for Donald Trump.

Harken back to October of last year when Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, jumped the gun trying to gain control of the media narrative following a dinner with President Trump at the White House.  She and Schumer released this statement.

By now you know Pelosi had jumped the shark in an attempt to outflank the president.  President Trump didn’t get funding for the wall but Pelosi and the Dems were exposed for their callous treatment of DACA recipients as nothing more than bargaining chips.

Fast forward to yesterday when the UniParty – Democrats and RINO’s – under the leadership of Speaker Paul Ryan, sent a bloated short-term spending bill to the president for his signature.   It had no money for the wall.

Pelosi was besides herself with glee and considered the spending authorization a done deal.  She went out to celebrate and Drudge captured the moment with this morning’s headline:

Cassandra Fairbanks at the Gateway Pundit posted a video of Pelosi yucking it up last night.  Pelosi can be seen in the lower right side of the video.

A couple of hours later somebody thought to ask President Trump if he would sign the bill necessary to keep the government open.

The funny thing is this isn’t even the second time Trump smoked Pelosi and Schumer.  Just last week Trump invited them to the White House and had the media there with cameras rolling.  Without the benefit of the media’s propaganda narrative they were caught with their pants down.

He told them to expect a shutdown if they didn’t deliver the funding for the wall.

Schumer and Pelosi were so obviously uncomfortable without having the filter of the mainstream media to protect them that their body language spoke volumes.

As we write this the House is about to vote to fund the wall and resend the new bill to the Senate.

If it passes, Trump and the American people get the wall and Pelosi and Schumer get nothing – no DACA – nothing!

Remember this quote from Kevin McCarthy who will be replacing the outgoing Paul Ryan.

McCarthy: I’m 100% Sure We Have Votes to Pass $5 Billion in Wall Funding

These events now cast shade on UniParty member Ryan who was touted for his budgetary prowess when he first burst on the scene but, during his rather undistinguished career, he succeeded only in passing continuing resolutions and debt ceiling increases during his tenure.

Ryan is more responsible for the Republican loss of control of the House than any other person in Washington.  After all, President Trump has shown how easy it is to get the best of Pelosi.

Update:  Funding for the Wall passes the House!

Trump now sets his sights on Schumer and the Senate and UniParty RINOos who will not be able to hide behind a voice vote this time.  Perhaps their come to Jesus moment will come when their names are attached to their votes.