Why Is Britain Deliberately Exposing Citizen Journalist Tommy Robinson to Death Threats?

Elder Patriot – The mainstream media has been aghast at President Trump’s willingness to question old alliances and his attempts to fix broken ones.  This was never more apparent than after the G-7 Summit and what appears to be a successful Summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

But what if our old friends have grown accustomed to taking advantage of our generosity and have abandoned their libertarian moorings?  Should they still be considered friends?

That appears to be the case with at least four members of the G-7; France, Germany, Canada and England.

The situation surrounding our relationship with England is fraying and it’s not our fault.  Keep in mind, the United States is $20 Trillion in debt and these “friends” are intent on ignoring that fact in their dealings with us.  In their view, better American children are burdened with even more future debt than these “friends” pick up their end of their economic development.

President Trump believes that we have picked up the cost for their socialist agendas long enough.

Then there’s the evidence that continues surfacing that the Russia-Trump collusion allegations were wholly fabricated through the efforts of British intelligence.  That at least deserves public airing to determine ask just how much of a friend they really are – at least to the Trump administration.

And, the Trump administration is whom the American people have chosen to lead them.

Perhaps British intelligence found itself in a tough spot following the unexpected defeat of Hillary Clinton but there is no doubt that the Brits did a whole lot more meddling in our election, and then in the election’s aftermath, than the Russians did.

The fact that GCHQ and MI5 haven’t purged anyone, or disavowed their involvement in this ruse gives us plenty of reason to ask why we should continue trusting our longstanding “friends”?

Then there is the story of Tommy Robinson.  We have avoided this story hoping that cooler heads would prevail and it would all be dismissed as a big mistake.  A month later, cooler heads still haven’t prevailed so we’re left to believe his arrest was no mistake.

Robinson’s story is chilling and would be the focus of condemnation if it occurred in Iran or Saudi Arabia or any other totalitarian state.  But this happened in England.

Robinson is an outspoken critic of the British government’s unpopular forced Muslim immigration policy that has created massive problems from the sexual grooming of young girls to violent  “no-go” zones for those migrants with no desire to assimilate.

This is not a condemnation of an entire religion.  But, it’s ignorant and naive to suggest that a significant number of that religion do not embrace a virulently anti-Western culture.

Robinson was arrested for allegedly “trying to video Muslim pedophiles” on the steps of Canterbury Crown Court on Monday.  WTF? Isn’t it the Brits, who have more cameras in public places than any “free” government on earth, justified by the excuse that there can be no expectation of privacy in the public square?

So what gives?

According to KentLive, Robinson had his crew set up outside Canterbury Crown Court on May 8th, hoping to interview one of four suspects accused of raping a 16-year-old girl. Officers ushered Mr. Robinson and two cameramen from Robinson’s crew, Rebel Media away.  Police told Robinson and his crew that they would be breaking the law by filming on the court steps.

Here’s where it gets really curious:

While Crown courts are open to the press any filming and recording of courts and court precincts is illegal under section 41 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925 and the Contempt of Court Act.

Civil libertarians were rightfully appalled.  Still, we figured that a couple of days in detention would allow tensions to tone down and the message to Robinson to sink in.  That’s not what happened.

First, articles about Robinson’s arrest began being scrubbed from the Internet.  Why would that be? Isn’t the purpose of criminal sentencing to act as a future deterrent to both the accused and to others?

Then, Robinson was sentenced to thirteen months in prison.  Talk about your over-the-top punishments. Could you imagine that happening in our country?

Lastly, Robinson was moved, without warning or reason, to a heavily Muslim populated prison in the Midlands of England.   According to investigative journalist Raheem Kassam the order to move Robinson came directly from the office of Home Secretary, Sajid Javid.  Why ever could that be?

Now there are reports that a fatwa has been issued against Robinson by an imam.

Britain was the home of the Magna Carta.  Today, it appears that the Brits have allowed their government to turn the clock back more than 800 years.  We are forced to ask, why have the Brits turned their backs on fundamental civil liberties? What forces are at play that would lead to this?

Sure, uncontrolled immigration can lead to cultural problems between groups with dissimilar histories but to eradicate the basic human rights of one group in order to protect the worst elements of another group defies explanation – unless this incident signals a new course in Britain’s future.

President Trump is right to question old alliances.  Three quarters of a century ago our boys sacrificed greatly to pull Europe out from under from Germany’s domination. Americans then paid to rebuild the continent – including Germany.

Then, for more than seven decades America protected them, under the umbrella of NATO, almost entirely at our expense, even while they were engaging in unfair trade practices that cost American taxpayers trillions more.

Then they, at least the Brits participated in a scheme to deny the American people the president they wanted.

And, it was all to protect a growing European alliance with Germany at the helm.  We could’ve saved ourselves 75 years of expense if we knew this was where it would wind up.

Why has England turned its back on its heritage and its best friend? That question should be asked of Theresa May, not Donald Trump.

What does it say about Britain that they would treat one of their own – Tommy Robinson – in such an Orwellian manner?  Robinson is simply exposing the inconvenient truth.