Breitbart: Pelosi Aligned PAC Buying Impeachment Votes

This should come as no surprise to those who understand the coin of the realm that binds Democrats together.  

Anyone who doubts that money buys votes in Washington only need remember when former President Barack Hussein Obama shamelessly “bought” support for his government takeover of healthcare by bribing two key senators.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, a Democrat, was guaranteed a nine-figure Medicaid supplement be included within the Senate health care bill before she voted in favor of cloture to move Obamacare to a vote.

Some tried to argue that the provision within the bill was geared towards states currently recovering from major disasters, “when the bill is closely examined…the provision provides immense financial support for only one state: Louisiana. (H/T Pelican Institute)

The other Senator was Ben Nelson (D-NE), who was the key holdout to get the sixty votes needed for cloture.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made a deal with Nelson to kill a Republican filibuster.

The deal gave Nebraska 100 percent federal funding of the Medicaid expansion indefinitely. 

But the deal drew so much fire from critics — who said it amounted to Nelson selling his vote — that he asked Reid to remove the permanent Medicaid exemption from the legislation.  Nelson did not run for reelection.

Was Nelson the last Democrat who actually voted in accordance with the desires of the people who elected him?  Maybe not. But,it seems that way.

Now comes the latest crop of swing-district Democrats who know in their hearts that impeaching a president on a fabricated narrative, that still doesn’t rise to the Constitutional standard for removal, is wrong.

With that in mind:

(Breitbart) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s rush to impeachment is receiving an assist from the millions of dollars at least one PAC aligned with her has already spent on House Democrats who currently represent swing districts.

Those financial incentives appear to be increasingly relevant as the final vote on the two articles of impeachment is scheduled to come to the House floor this week.


Pelosi and her allies appear to be taking no chances. “NEW … HOUSE MAJORITY FORWARD — an arm of House Majority PAC, which supports House Democrats — is spending $2.5 MILLION…


All sixteen Democrat House members identified in the Politico report as beneficiaries of this current largesse from House Majority Forward are among the 31 House Democrats who represent districts President Trump won in 2016.


Sources tell Breitbart News the recent House Majority Forward ad buy represents just a small percentage of the amount of financial support being promised to swing district Democrats by groups aligned with Speaker Pelosi and other Democrat leaders.

Quid pro quo, much?