It’s Official The Sanders Are UNDER FBI INVESTIGATION

ELDER PATRIOT – More than six weeks ago we reported that Bernie Sanders’ carefully cultivated image of a well meaning, caring grandfather who was running to become President so that he could fix what was wrong with our country was a ruse.

At that time we reported that Sanders’ wife Jane O’Meara Sanders was under FBI investigation for bank fraud after she had fraudulently sworn, in writing, that the equities required to support a $6.5 million loan was in place. 

O’Meara Sander was the president of Burlington College at the time and claimed to be funding an expansion project at the school.  Only she didn’t.

Now it looks like the F.B.I. has the evidence it needs to indict Bernie’s wife and are considering expanding the investigation into whether Bernie misused his power to unduly influence the bank’s loan committee.

Absent the necessary operating capital that O’Meara Sanders swore, under the penalty of perjury, that she had the school was forced to close under the burden of the debt.  That left the bank and other private lenders holding worthless paper instead of the millions of dollars they lost.

What happened to the money?

Lets start with six-figure jobs Jane Sanders created for her daughter and the son of a family friend.  Bernie had to know about this.

Then consider the college’s “investment” in its study abroad program.  Money was diverted from the program to fund a program in the Caribbean at a small resort in the Bahamas that had been purchased by the son of Jonathan Leopold one of Burlington’s board members.

The “investment” in the younger Leopold’s Caribbean adventure grew in the following years to consume half of Burlington’s entire study abroad budget.

Jane Sanders’ didn’t forget her daughter, after all the Sanders are a close family. Carina Driscoll was paid more than $500,000 through for classes that were held more than 30 miles from campus the Vermont Woodworking School that she ran.

That still wasn’t enough for Jane Sanders.  She even had Burlington establish a Master of Fine Arts program in woodworking that leased space at daughter Carina’s school as its major facility.  

Bernie had to know about all of this, too.

This is common practice for politicians who are looking to help family members and close associates but they usually don’t make a mess of things like O’Meara Sanders did and then leave a trail of fraudulent expenditures as obvious as the one she did.

This is more the stuff of third world socialist thieves.  And there’s enough evidence of Bernie’s abuse of his political position elsewhere to lead one to believe that he knew exactly what his wife was up to and perhaps even participated in arranging the loan.

The Washington Free Beacon reported back in early January of 2016 that:

“Bernie Sanders and his wife have on numerous occasions steered money from organizations under their control to friends and family members, public records show.

“The payments benefitted the wife of the Democratic presidential candidate, his stepdaughter, and the son of a former colleague in city government whom Sanders has described as a close friend.”

Sanders recent incendiary attacks on President Trump and his Republican colleagues finds one U.S. representative the victim of a life threatening attack and hundreds more conservatives living under the threat of violence at the hands of his socialist followers.

Kindly old Bernie Sanders penchant for stirring up violence, instituting socialism, and using other peoples’ money for his own purposes is a whole lot more in common with socialist dictators that he’d want us to know.