ELDER PATRIOT – Let me apologize in advance for the length of this article but proving an accusation isn’t a “conspiracy theory” requires multiple proofs.

In a previous article we discussed the growing dichotomy between the polls conducted by the mainstream media and those polls using newer and more sophisticated analytical techniques.  In this article we will examine why this growing discrepancy strongly suggests that establishment leaders of both parties are preparing to rig the upcoming presidential election.

President Obama speaking at a Pentagon press briefing dismissed any chance that voter fraud or rigged voting equipment can occur.

That any president would so cavalierly dismiss any possible instances of voter fraud or rigged voting equipment should raise suspicions, there’s just too much evidence to the contrary which means the president is lying when he is telling us there hasn’t been a long history of voter fraud in the United States on all levels.

The New York Times chronicled how ex-President Lyndon Johnson (D) stole his first election. 

Hans A. von Spakovsky detailed the 1982 gubernatorial election in Illinois that then U.S. Attorney in Chicago, Daniel Webb estimated saw “at least 100,000 fraudulent votes” cast in that city.  Webb secured indictments on 65 individuals and won convictions on all but two of the conspirators.  Of the other two, one died and one was declared incompetent to stand trial.

The conspiracy failed but only because the beneficiary of the illegal activity, Democrat Adlai Stevenson fell 5,074 votes short of winning.

The important takeaway from this sordid affair is that the incumbent Republican, “Big Jim” Thompson had led in the polls by 15 points immediately prior to the election but won by only 0.14% of the vote.

Over the years election fraud and voter fraud have grown easier to perpetrate due to the advent of electronic voting machines and relaxed voting laws that allow for same day registration and voting over multiple days.

The opportunities to rig elections have expanded exponentially with electronic voting machines and because of Microsoft’s insistence on employing closed source technology that “contain backdoors or vulnerabilities that hackers and evildoers could exploit. Even worse, Microsoft or its employees could purposely alter voting software to influence outcomes” according to Brian Fagioli of  Mr. Fagioli points out that, “To truly know that votes are being counted correctly by machines, only open source would allow independent auditing. It will also help to prevent unknown backdoors in secure government computer systems.”

Clinton E. Curtis, ex-programmer told a Congressional hearing on election fraud how he actually did exactly that in 2000.  Curtis had been asked by then Speaker of the Florida House Tom Feeney (R), to write a computer program that would render electronic voting fraud undetectable. Curtis did just that:

Stephen Spoonamore, a lifelong Rebublican, successful serial entrepreneur, and top level cyber-security sleuth for major credit card companies and U.S. Federal defense and security agencies, confirmed that nothing has changed since then:

When technological improvements to improve the integrity of our elections are ignored we can only assume that those in power want it that way. To believe anything else is to be naïve beyond any explanation.

There’s also voter fraud that goes on to some degree just about everywhere:

The elites’ open borders campaign has also had an effect on how the Electoral College will allocate each state’s vote because representation is based on total residents, legal or illegal, citizen or alien.  Yes, illegal immigrants that largely settle in Democrat strongholds diminish the value of those voting elsewhere.   So, even if Hillary can’t find a way to get them to the polls they’re still benefitting her election effort.

It should be remembered that President Obama’s political roots are in Chicago and he knows the story of the 1982 Illinois governor’s race very well.  That’s why, at the same press briefing, he said, “If Mr. Trump is up 10 or 15 points on election day and he ends up losing, then, you know, maybe he can raise some questions.  That doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment.”

I guess that explains Reuters desperately clumsy re-working of the methodology they used to assess the data in their most recent poll that originally showed Trump with a lead and surging and why they are ignoring any mention of big data analytics that Obama relied on so prominently in 2008 and again in 2012 to guide his victories.

And therein lies the elites’ strategy for concealing massive voter and election fraud while leaving anyone who questions the outcome relegated to being labeled a conspiracy theorist or a sore loser.  If the polls show a Clinton lead heading into the election, the people will be much less suspicious if the elites’ fraudulent activity overcomes Trump’s superior voter turnout and successfully steals the election.

That is why Obama cited polls that can be manipulated, those conducted and compiled by the mainstream media.  These man-manipulated polls contradict analysis based solely on big data analytics that cannot be manipulated.  A discussion of big data analytics and how Trump is dominating the election appears in these two articles, Latest Voter Analysis Reveals Trump In a Landslide and Analytics Reveal Hispanics Resisting Both Political Parties Efforts to Turn Then Into The Next Racially Designated Entitlement Group.  Big data analytics has proven unassailable in its accuracy because it eliminates any chance of bias infiltrating the results and its sample size is enormous because it is based on billions of pieces of information on millions of individuals

Obama knows all about big data analytics having been cozy with Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt since 2007 but he has deliberately avoided mentioning this highly sophisticated and more accurate predictive tool in order to feed the “Clinton is ahead in the polls” narrative.

The vast majority of Americans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction as reported in recent polls that reveal that 70% of Americans do not approve of the direction the country is heading in, and almost 60% say they no longer feel at home in America   

This just doesn’t square with the mainstream media polls that show Hillary Clinton, who is overwhelmingly viewed at corrupt, untrustworthy and dishonest, and who has called for an expansion of Obama’s failed policies, leading in the race to become our next president.

None of this has eluded Donald Trump who is imploring voters to, “Help me stop Crooked Hillary from rigging this election!”

The 1982 Illinois election was almost stolen due to corruption in a single county, Chicago.  This is why Obama was so disingenuous when he used Texas as his example.  He knows that if the election comes down to six swing states they will only need to alter the outcome in one or two counties in each.

The methodologies for blind theft are in place and if utilized can only be overcome by massive voter turnout everywhere else.  This year there can be no excuses, make sure you vote.